It is safe to say we are all looking forward to the New Year. 2020 has been tough in many ways for lots of folks here in the beloved Lowcountry. We’ve come together in many ways as well and as we close out this year, we look ahead with hope for a safe and beautiful 2021.

With so much of our time spent at home lately, freshening up our spaces has been top of mind. In keeping with our love of all things “home”,  we’ve rounded up 2021 interior design trends we think you’ll love.

If you didn’t get a chance to redo your interiors during 2020, you may have at least reimagined what your home could look like. Whether it’s embracing cozy colors, incorporating vintage items, or adding plants in your home, now is a great time to dream and plan a refresh. 

Once the holiday decorations have been carefully stored away, your space feels a bit less cozy, doesn’t it? Use this freshly cleared space to usher in inspiration for applying these trends to your home: 


Cozy Colors 

We like to study paint manufacturers’ annual color trend announcements for inspiration to refresh our homes. Because the world spent more time at home this year, the 2021 interior design trends are following that lead. A variety of colors can create coziness in the home, and the New Year offers a clean slate for changing things up in the name of comfort. 

It's not all about one color, and we’re not talking about minimalism. For instance, Sherwin Williams’ sanctuary palette leaves room for the subtle and bold. 

Interior design trends

Photo: Sherwin Williams

If you really want to turn up the volume, select neutral paint colors like this one and pair it with furniture pieces and decor in bold colors, like emerald green or even coral. For a complete redesign, go bold with your paint. Nothing changes a space like a wow-factor paint color.

If you are not ready to change the wall colors, one of the easiest things to do is rearrange furniture and change the textiles. Involve a creative friend or family member to create a piece of artwork in colors you would like to introduce into your space. This is a great way to incorporate a new design trend you love. 

Colors are bolder, cozier and even white walls are no longer boring. Neutral walls can be redressed with fun and colorful art, or rich and saturated tones. If you currently feature bold colors, maybe it’s time to try a natural and earthy scheme. Ultimately it’s about choosing a color palette that works with your home and your style. 

You can find inspiration anywhere! If you like coastal living, why not bring that breezy color palette into your primary home? When thinking about refreshing your home interior, reflect on what relaxes you and what brings you joy. 


Mix Vintage with Modern

Another 2021 interior design trend is mixing vintage elements within a modern design. The gold and jewel tones are still on-trend, and we love the look of vintage furniture design paired with clean lines in the surrounding artwork and decor.

Interior Design Trends 2021


If you’re a vintage newbie, look for light fixtures that can be added to your home without any stress. For instance, if your furniture is very modern and the room has gold accents, add sconces and pendants for a professional touch. Finding space for a vintage lamp is a quick way to elevate a room.

The search for high-quality decor items can be an overwhelming experience--we find it’s best to take your time and not rush into purchases. We like to collect photo inspiration from magazines and online sources to help narrow down exactly what we’re envisioning, then search local retailers or websites to find the perfect piece. There are tons of options available around town as well as online. Be sure to research brands advertised in the listing before purchasing!


2021 Design Trend: Exercise Your Green Thumb

There are so many reasons to love plants. Besides the fun of caring for something and watching it grow, plants offer a variety of textures and colors we use to decorate our homes, inside and out. 

There are days when all we need is a new flower bud or the sign of a baby leaf to spark a moment of joy. Easy-care plants like ZZ plants and snake plants are a good place to start if you are new to caring for these water-drinkers. 

Interior Design Plants


Add personality to your home with textured pots and plant holders. If you are a DIY-pro, you might attempt building your own planters!

We can make the case for faux plants, too. Look for silk or silk-like faux plants for lifelike versions of the real deal without the upkeep. One fun tip we like is “planting” faux plants with real soil in the pot! If you are committed to faux greenery, look no further than our friends at Branches HHI for the ultimate in “faux-real” plants.


The New Year is all about creating a space where you can relax and truly enjoy yourself. Think of these 2021 design trends to get started brainstorming 

  1. Consider introducing cozy color palettes into your home. If neutral walls are more your style, try adding new art in fresh colors to your interior. 

  2. Mix vintage with modern. Put your online shopping skills to the test and go on a virtual hunt for the perfect light fixture, rug or cabinet to pair with your modern living. 

  3. When in doubt, add plants! Some faux plants are realistic and are great for homes with pets and small children. 

What 2021 interior design trend will you consider for your home? What ideas do you have to refresh your home next year?

The New Year brings the promise of inspiration to get moving on updating your home!  









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