Our goal this year is to take on home organization with a new motivation. We admire others’ clean spaces and looking at their beautifully styled homes, but we know the best home is always the one we’re in, shared with loved ones. You can make your home as enviable as those in the magazine with a few organization tricks that instantly improve a space. Plus, the feeling of a freshly tidied room helps us move about the day with a clear mind and encourages us to be creative. 

This year, it’s all about tackling the smaller spots in our homes that can make a big difference in our daily lives. So now that you’ve stored the holiday decor and the house is primed for some extra attention, check out how we are approaching home organization after all this time at home.


Start Easy

To get in the mood to organize, we like to begin in a space that is frequently used and often neglected, like the laundry room or mudroom. These areas can easily become a catch-all space and easy to ignore, which means it should be at the top of our list!

In the laundry room, condense detergent bottles and containers, replace dryer balls, then corral the items into baskets. For a finishing touch, thoroughly wipe down shelves, the washing machine, and dryer. Add bonus points if you pull out the dryer to clean the vent tubing! Laundry spaces are where we spend time to clean our clothes, so the room should be clean and tidy too! 

Home Organization Laundry Room 

Photo: Randy Jeffcoat Homes

If you don’t have cabinets to hide everything, invest in some nice storage baskets so you can organize everything on your shelves in a visually pleasing manner. Clear containers are best, that way you can see exactly what you have!

Starting in a space that you see each time you come and go from your home will be so much more welcoming if it’s organized. In mudrooms, we recommend a shelf or shelving unit to separate the kids’ items they need before leaving (shoes, face coverings, etc.), either by type, or by child. If your kids like to have their own spot, label a cubby or shelf, and designate a hook for their frequently used, on-the-go items. 


Organize Extra Bedrooms and Closets

Guest rooms are usually filled with extra linens and bedding, and likely some storage. Think about what is most functional for the room, and for guests. After all, once you welcome a guest, they might snoop in the closet! If your closet space is on the small side, we like to store extra bedding and towels in vacuum seal bags. Your linens will stay fresh and neatly tucked away in the storage spot. 

Home Organization Closet 

Photo: Homeandfabulous.com

Guest rooms and extra bedrooms often serve as multi-purpose spaces. Keep your most-used items - like gift wrap and office supplies - on an eye-level shelf for easy use. However big or small the space, adequate shelving should be a priority to give each item a home. The standard closet install often comes with two (or maybe only one!) wire shelf. Gift yourself with more functional use of your storage spaces by installing more shelves.


Tackle the Pantry

The pantry is a place we touch every day and it’s so easy to neglect a good cleanout. Take everything out of the pantry, toss expired dry goods, keep frequently-used items like kid snacks and cereal on an eye-level shelf, and group like items together. Don’t forget to sweep the bottom before you put the items back in the pantry.

Organization essentials:

  • Budget and resource-friendly: use empty shoe boxes and decorate them with your pretty wrapping or contact paper for a cohesive look. 

  • Clear bins, wire baskets, jars, plastic or glass storage can be found at big box stores like The Container Store, Walmart, Target, dollar stores, and more.  

Home Organization Pantry 

Photo: The Home Edit

The pantry can be a beautiful space if you’re a real organization enthusiast. Mix and match your storage bins for an extra design flare!



Make a New Year cleaning resolution by taking a “small and easy” mindset. Use our home organization tips to make a big impact with some small changes:

  1. Start easy for motivation to keep going and choose a neglected spot that won’t take more than an hour or two to rifle through.

  2. Be a guest in your own home. If your guest room closet is a catch-all, add shelves and add a clothes hanging bar. 

  3. The pantry always seems to need attention. Toss the forgotten items buried in the back and pull your most-used foods to the front.

  4. Take your time. Schedule an afternoon, turn on an upbeat playlist, and make your new project something you want to do. 

Which of these home organization tips do you want to try in your home? Did we miss any great ideas? 

Share with us in the comments below!








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