The Best Closet Remodels and Organization Tips for 2021

Posted by Paige Rose on Thursday, February 4th, 2021 at 10:43am

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We are gathering the best closet remodels and organization tips today! We get inspiration for custom closet designs from sources like interior designers’ photos, walking through our listings, on Pinterest and Instagram, and even on home design TV shows. 

There are so many options for functional, maximized closets, so we narrowed down how to get your dream closet by time and budget investment. If you’re in the market for a custom closet, or ready to DIY with organization to refresh your closet space, read on!

We rank closet remodels from difficult to easy. To help you navigate this article, please note: 

  • The “difficult” means the effort calls for the most time and budget investment. This type of design will require a large budget, possibly hiring a contractor, and completely reimagining your current closet. 

  • The “medium” level of effort is more do-it-yourself and most can accomplish the updates in a weekend. It is cost-effective but not necessarily inexpensive.

  • For the least amount of investment but a successful result, the “easy” level of effort is based on reorganization. We’ll share ideas for freshening your closet space in only a few hours. 

No matter your time or budget, a beautiful, organized closet can be yours before you know it!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

Build What You Need. Decide how big or small you need your closet to be before you start on the design. It’s tempting to see a big, blank wall and sacrifice it to a closet without considering what the contents will be.

Get Organized. Maximize your space by group clothes of similar size and color together — don’t waste an inch.

Focus on Ergonomics. Design your space more ergonomically and you’ll notice things are far easier to find. It will also be much easier to keep your closet tidy.

  • Tip: Shelf widths at 12-inch increments are best because folded clothes average 12 inches across and 14 inches deep.

Skip the Drawers and Add Storage Elsewhere. Drawers add significantly to the price of a built-in closet, restrict the layout, and waste space. Be resourceful with your space instead. 

Get Smart With Your Shoes. Whether you choose regular shelves, slide-out shelves or drawers, there’s no need to give shoes too much room to move — they’re usually only 12 inches deep and will fit into some pretty tight places.

Go for Flexibility. Hanging rods insert into the same holes as the shelf supports, so you can switch them around as needed. In summer, you could use rods to hang blouses, and in winter swap in shelves to hold sweaters. Store the off-season gear out of the way on the top shelf.

Closet Remodels: Effort Level - Difficult

Large Budget
For a full celebrity-style custom closet design, we recommend hiring the job out to a local contractor who specializes in closets and cabinets. Contractors help homeowners create a design that’s best for the space and keep the project on a timeline. There are a number of companies that specifically work on closets and built-ins. They are the best for this kind of remodel so you’ll pay for their expertise. 

If you only have the budget for one or two closet remodel spaces, we recommend starting in the space with the most payoff, like the master suite or laundry room/mudroom, or walk-in pantry where maximizing storage space is essential.


Closet Remodel


Photo: ballarddesigns com

Medium Budget
Custom closet designs aren’t just for the rich and famous. Retailers like The Container Store offer custom closets with Elfa System that is easy to design and assemble. You can also buy one-off pieces from retailers like Ballard Designs to custom create the exact layout you want.

Closet Remodel 

Photo: ballarddesigns com

Closet Remodels: Effort Level - Medium: 

Depending on how much space you have to fill, you can design your own closets with an all-in-one closet system from ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid. These systems take the basic closets with a shelf and a hanging bar to the next level. Choose from wire shelves or an upgraded style that looks built-in. Some manufacturers offer slatted shelves for a beachy style in multiple finish options, check your local home improvement store and online for ideas.

Closet Remodel 


Closet Remodel



Closet Remodels: Effort Level - Easy

If you don’t have the time, budget, or brain space to plan custom closet designs for every room in your home, start reorganizing with matching storage items. Choose a closet that needs immediate attention and start by measuring the space so you can order the proper amount and size of storage items. You’ll want hangers, bins, and probably a few drawer organizers, if applicable. 

When your storage items arrive, the first step is to take out all the clothes and other items stored in that closet. Organize your favorite clothes by color and rehang them on the matching hangers. Put your most-loved shoes back in, ordered by color as well. Store loose items (belts, scarves, socks) in storage bins for pretty, easy access. 

What’s left on the floor after you’ve done this? Clothes and shoes you don’t wear anymore and maybe some older accessories? Rather than trying to make room and cluttering up your beautiful new space, why not donate those items? Our friends at Bluffton Self Help for example.

Closet Remodel


When the items are ready to go back in the closet, everything will look immediately more organized. It doesn’t matter how big or small your closet is; utilizing nice organization techniques and storage items will give it a polished look!


Your dream closet can be a reality. Whether you’re ready for a complete makeover or a quick reorganization project, remember:

  1. Purge items you don’t use or need. Before starting any level of closet remodel, the best thing you can do is determine what really belongs in the closet when all is said and done! Donate the items you no longer use.

  2. The most effort and budget should be spent in the closet or space that makes the most sense, like the master suite or pantry. 

  3. For a DIY option, check out The Container Store or the all-in-one closet systems from local home improvement stores.

  4. When the goal is to work with existing shelving, opt for an afternoon project and purchase matching storage bins and hangers for instant gratification. 


Which of these custom closet designs work best in your home? What closet needs your attention first?

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