Coastal living room designs are a popular style choice in the Lowcountry. If the ultra-popular farmhouse trend is not your style, odds are you might be drawn to the equally simple yet cozy aesthetic that’s known as coastal.

What’s great about coastal design is that it’s an elevated departure from the nautical style that could come to mind when thinking of waterfront interiors. It’s a perfect choice for capturing the laidback lifestyle of the Lowcountry that creates the feeling of relaxation as soon as you step in the room.

Perhaps the best part about coastal design style is that it welcomes color without ever feeling bold. You can create a classic and custom look without defaulting to all-white-everything or go anywhere near nautical with the red white and blue. 

Check out our must-haves for creating classic coastal living room designs as you begin your project!

Coastal Living Rooms: Airy, Nature-Inspired Colors

Classy coastal colors in the living room should be in the neutral realm and drawn from natural elements. Subtle greens and blues are favorites because they bring the outside in. Any color you can find on a beachscape or marshfront is fair game for coastal living room designs.

Oftentimes people associate neutral with white, beige, and gray. Take a trip to your local paint store to see just how many colors can actually be neutral! Bring in patterns and textures within this color scheme with a patterned rug. Living rooms are often heavy traffic areas, so you can add personality to the room and hide wear. Achieving classic coastal living room designs always starts with color!

Introducing Wood Textures: Coastal Living Room Designs

When creating a coastal living room, one of the most important elements to consider is wood. 

Wood textures are often associated with either rustic interior design or ultra high-end luxury millwork finishes.

The wood textures that should be used when creating coastal living room designs fall right in the middle. Consider touches like finished wood beams on the ceiling, statement driftwood accents, and of course...wood flooring.

Humans innately enjoy the natural, grounding feeling of wood texture and when it comes to coastal design, wood is an essential element.

Natural Light in Your Coastal Living Room

Another key element in coastal living room designs is capturing the essence of nature and light. The Lowcountry lifestyle itself is centered on nature, so bring a little of that inside with light. Maximize natural light with large windows, and consider privacy shades or curtains as an option, not a focal point, whenever manageable.

There is something special about coastal properties, and even if you don’t have a direct view of the water, you can easily bring the effortless style into your home, the Lowcountry way. 

The best part about living in the Lowcountry is that your home has an inherent coastal vibe just by being in this region. Focus on the view, or look for decor that reminds you of the view of the water, and make maximizing natural light a priority in the design.


A Lowcountry coastal living room design the Lowcountry way is very attainable. Make sure to incorporate: 

  1. Start your design by choosing paint colors and furniture in neutral colors. 

  2. Wood textures for one of the most calming and harmonious elements in the home. 

  3. If your living room has a view of the water, half of your design inspiration is done! If not, maximize the natural light to mimic bright sunny days on the water. 

Which of these coastal living room design elements work best in your home? What design elements are a must-have? 

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