So many of us are working from home some or all of the time, setting up a home office is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Perhaps the most underrated room in the house prior to COVID-19, a home office is now the holy grail of spaces! 

If you share your house with another adult who is working from home, admit it, you’ve played rock paper scissors over who gets to use the “real” office, and who is stuck at the kitchen table.

And what if your house doesn’t have an office (or a spare room to convert into an office)? Are you both working from the table, possibly even sharing it with your kids who are gearing up for the virtual school year?

In this article, we’ll cover three home office ideas that can work for your family. First, we’ll start with home office hacks for those of you who currently have a designated office/room that can be used for work purposes.


Sharing a Home Office Without Disrupting Each Other

We learned from a young age that sharing is caring, but how do you share a workspace when you need to focus on tasks and attend conference calls and video zooms? While sharing may not be not ideal, it can certainly be done! Consider these tips for turning your home office into a co-working space:

  • Position your desks so that you face away from each other. The key is ensuring your desks are not visible to the other person’s camera during a zoom meeting. Get creative in your room layouts!

    Home Office 1
    Photo: Vanillla and Rose

  • Invest in noise-canceling headphones. From AirPods to bose and every brand in between, you can find a pair of quality noise-canceling headphones at fair price points. Maybe one of you likes to listen to music and the other needs silence. This way, you both win. Even better, you can’t hear the other person when they make a call!
  • Speaking of making a call - what if you have calls at the exact same time? This one can be tricky. If you anticipate this happening frequently, consider investing in a legitimate headset for each of you. This kind of tech is designed to pull your audio clearly so no one hears your officemate speaking in the background. It ensures you only hear the people on your call, not your officemate.


Turn a Spare Closet Into a Home Office

If you have a few storage closets throughout your home, you’re in luck. As long as it’s not TOO small, most closets are at least big enough to accommodate the size and depth of a small desk.

Home Office 2

Photo: Adrienne Breaux


If this is a temporary situation, buy an inexpensive desk to fit the space, unscrew and lower shelving racks, and just slide the desk right in. If you need this space indefinitely, consider mounting a high-quality shelf at desk-height. Then, replace all the other closet racks with shelves, and create a legitimate little office nook. The doors allow you to hide the space, or you might consider decorating it and removing the doors.

Home Office 3

Photo: Closetphile


Create an Office Nook in any Corner

If space is an issue, and closets are already filled to the brim, find yourself a corner. Whether it’s in your bedroom or every bedroom if you have school-aged kids, corners are often plentiful in our homes, and rarely used to their full extent. Here are a few photos of corner office nooks to inspire your potential set up, no matter your taste!

 Home Office 4



Homes Office 5

Photo: Pinterest


Home Office 6



Make the most of your space by creating a home office that works for you. With the challenges of COVID-19, most adults are working from home and your home might even be housing some virtual school students! Every member of the family might need a “home office”, so here are ways to make it work in 2020 without driving each other nuts:

  1. Share an office without disrupting each other by using noise-canceling headphones and positioning your desks in opposite directions.

  2. Turn a closet into an office by removing some lower racks and updating the upper shelving to something a bit more glamorous!

  3. Create an office nook in any corner using smaller furniture and well-placed shelving.


Which of these home office hacks could work for you? Did we miss any great ideas?

Share with us in the comments below!







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