As a self-proclaimed "former Jersey guy," Charter One Realty agent Chris Della Rosa describes "the relaxed pace of the Lowcountry" as a welcomed and wonderful thing. In our latest "Meet the Agent" blog post, Chris talks about how the lure of real estate brought him from a professional career as a cinematographer to a successful career in the real estate industry. Catch up with Chris as he shares how he got his start, his team partnership, and his favorite spots around the Lowcountry.

Chris Della RosaCharter One Realty: When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in real estate?

Chris Della Rosa: I've been pulled by the lure of real estate from a very young age when my mother started in the business back in the 70s. I used to help her sort listing books of properties long before computers. I started my career in real estate in 2003.


Charter One Realty: Tell us about your start in the business. How did the first year go?

Chris Della Rosa: I was very fortunate to start my career in real estate in a partnership with a senior owner/partner of Charter One Realty, Rick Murray. 2003 was a steady and good year.


Charter One Realty: What’s kept you in the business after your initial success?

Chris Della Rosa: After 17 years I still get the same joy from feeding off the excitement of my buyer clients. I also truly enjoy knowing I have assisted my sellers' transition onto their next endeavor. Joy and satisfaction are hard to come by in many professions.


Charter One Realty: What’s one common mistake you see prospective buyers make?

Chris Della Rosa: The biggest mistake prospective buyers make is having unrealistic expectations about the value of a property. I believe that "reality" television is mostly to blame. With a little research and guidance from a real estate agent, buyers will get that great buy. But probably not for 30% below list price. I'm talking to you, HGTV.


Charter One Realty: How has technology changed the industry, and what does it mean for buyers?

Chris Della Rosa: Technology has had a huge impact on the industry. There is so much information out there that buyers now have the opportunity to view and rule out many properties before our first trip to view them in person. This helps speed the process greatly. Additionally, they have the opportunity to learn so much about the neighborhoods prior to viewing homes. This is also very helpful. But beware... There are pitfalls to technology as well. While knowledge is power, having only a little knowledge can be dangerous. That's where a real estate agent can be of great help.


Charter One Realty: If you weren't working in real estate, is there anything else you could see yourself doing?

Chris Della Rosa: Although I started out my professional career as a cinematographer, working on motion pictures, commercials, and other various projects, I think if not in real estate I would love to take a stab at being a real estate attorney. I have a great appreciation for the legal aspect of the industry.


Charter One Realty: What advice do you have for buyers looking in the Lowcountry? 

Chris Della Rosa: Share your real estate desires and dreams with your agent. Paint the picture of how you want your life in your new home to be. A good agent will help translate that into the perfect property located in the ideal neighborhood.


Charter One Realty: How has your team partnership given you an edge in the market?

Chris Della Rosa: Being part of The Murray & Della Rosa Team has been an integral part of our success. Each member brings their own special talents to the team. Whether it be knowledge of the history and evolution of the Lowcountry, critical data analysis, or a creative marketing eye, our team has it all.


Charter One Realty: Can you talk about how your personalities complement each other?

Chris Della Rosa: Between Rick, Richie, and myself we have over 55 years of real estate experience. With that comes knowledge of both the old ways and the new. Close personal contact meets the high tech flow of information. It's a perfect marriage.


Charter One Realty: Where are you from originally, and how did you come to live in the Lowcountry?

Chris Della Rosa: I'm from Freehold, New Jersey. No, not "Joisey". I started visiting Hilton Head with family back in the early 80s. Twenty years later I decided to call it home. After spending a few days here I think you will agree that the reasons are obvious. It's a slice of paradise.


Charter One Realty: Please tell us about your neighborhood and your home.

Chris Della Rosa: I live in Victoria Square. It's a charming neighborhood of Victorian-style homes with large wrap-around porches and moss-covered Oaks.


Charter One Realty: Can you tell us why your community is so special to you?

Chris Della Rosa: I've always said that every community on the island has its own personality. My neighborhood has a small-town look and feel. A normal day sees kids riding bikes down the oak canopied streets, birds singing, and a friendly wave from a neighbor. Sounds corny, right? But it's true. I expect to see Barney Fife any day now.


Charter One Realty: How would you describe the vibe in the Lowcountry?

Chris Della Rosa: As a former Jersey guy, I can tell you that the relaxed pace of the Lowcountry was a very welcomed and wonderful thing. When I first moved here I was also so pleasantly surprised by the simple kindness of strangers. Everything just seems easier and less stressful in the Lowcountry.


Charter One Realty: How have you seen the Lowcountry change — from both a personal and professional perspective — over the years?

Chris Della Rosa: The biggest change to the Lowcountry has been the growth of Bluffton and beyond. Not just housing communities, but infrastructure and amenities. When I first moved here, pretty much everything was on Hilton Head Island. Now, thanks to the mainland expansion the Lowcountry has so much more to offer.


Charter One Realty: What are your favorite shops and restaurants in our community and why?

Chris Della Rosa: We have so many great restaurants to choose from that it's really not fair to single out only a few. But here goes anyway. The Sage Room- Elegant dining atmosphere.


Charter One Realty: What are some of your favorite aspects of life in the Lowcountry?

Chris Della Rosa: What I think appeals to me most is the general kindness of the people I meet. That coupled with the natural beauty everywhere you look. It's a special place.


Charter One Realty: Do you have a personal motto or mantra that guides you?

Chris Della Rosa: Put other peoples' happiness before your own and you'll find that you've never known such joy.


Charter One Realty: Please complete the sentence: “Home wouldn’t be home without . . .”

Chris Della Rosa: ... Love, Humor, Compassion, and a little craziness.

Chris Della Rosa Family


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