We’re only a few weeks away from the New Year, and you know that means our yearly list of upcoming design trends is officially ready for you. If you want to make sure to include some 2022 home design trends in your decor, we have you covered.

The good news is: Some of what 2021 brought is here to stay, so the decor you just added isn’t out of style (phew). In fact, 2022 isn’t ushering in anything all that different, it’s just adding more wow factor.

Think “bigger is better” for 2022. You’ll be seeing bolder choices - from paint color to wallpaper, decor to furniture, and everything in between. The emerging trend we’re seeing more than any other is something the Lowcountry has done well for a while: mixing natural elements. Ultimately, you get to create your home so it feels exactly how you want it to!

When planning to incorporate a new trend, think about what you love about your home and what you want to change. Your home doesn’t have to be all of one style–but what you do pick, open your arms wide and embrace it. Read more to check out next year’s top design trends!

2022 Interior Design Trends: Wall Textures 

The textured wall trend started to become more apparent this past year, and it’s definitely sticking around for a while. With people taking more of an interest in making their homes a place they love, we saw people branch out and try new things. 

Consider adding cozy and neutral textures like roman clay fireplaces, lime wash guest rooms or coated brick walls. Shiplap is a texture too you know!

Whether you like the traditional style of painted brick or wood accents or you lean more toward a contemporary concrete look or soft clay touches, all wall finishes provide texture that creates interest and elevates a room. 

Bringing the Outside In: 2022 Interior Design Trends

Here we are, almost in 2022, embracing all of the earth tones we can fathom. Deep greens offer cozy feelings that we find perfect for an office or study. An array of tree-like greens and oceanside blues make great options for a dining room or living space. 

From reclaimed wood incorporated into the home design to furniture and accent pieces, earthy tones and elements are a top 2022 home design trend. Wood floors, stone counters, and clay tiles create a warm, relaxing environment; a feeling so many of us try to create in our homes.

And don’t forget plants! We love a faux plant here and there, but there is something comforting about having live plants in your home. If you have trouble taking care of plants, start with easy options like a snake plant, pothos, and zz plants. 

Pulling texture and color inspiration from our vast naturescapes here in the Lowcountry is easy. In 2022, you can elevate that by working in more bold elements to achieve the most comforting and soothing space possible.

Wallpaper is Here to Stay in 2022

It’s true–wallpaper is making a comeback! Near and far and designer and big-box patterns are all over the internet, shown in vacation rentals, even trendy hotels, and upscale restaurants. Why leave the trends on vacation? Take the adventure home with you and try a bold patterned wallpaper (or tread lightly with a subtle pattern). 

Wallpaper belongs wherever you want it to be: closets, stairwells, or the powder room, the pattern can make the room one you never want to leave. No matter where you adhere it to, bold wallpaper is a fun way to express your personality. And a bonus, if you use wallpaper in a common space, it’s a great conversation starter for your visitors!


Whatever trend(s) you choose to incorporate into your home design, make sure you’re keeping it true to how you or your family want to feel in your personal sanctuary. 

  1. Wall textures have been big lately and we bet we’ll see more next year. 

  2. Start bringing the outside indoors with plants. 

  3. Wallpaper isn’t just for a fun selfie at your favorite vacation spot.

Which of these 2022 home design trends will you consider for your home? What room are you planning to update in the new year?

Share with us in the comments below!



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