Unless you just completed a brand new build, odds are your space could benefit from one or two affordable home upgrades. The wonderful thing about homeownership is that there really is always some way to improve your quality of life through home improvements.

From simple changes like lighting to bigger things like rearranging your furniture, there are countless ways to keep improving your home without breaking the bank. If you’re in the market to list or are planning to buy, these tips are great for staging or making your new home instantly lovable.

Since Spring is a natural time of year for cleaning, we have several ideas to inspire a whole-home refresh! Many of the affordable home upgrades on this list of inspirations can be done in an afternoon. Some could take a weekend day, but all of them will keep your wallet happy considering their low cost. 

Affordable Home Upgrades: New Lightbulbs

Buying a new light fixture or two can make a huge statement, but the cost can add up. If your current fixtures aren’t on trend anymore, the most cost-effective way to change that is a can of spray paint and installing daylight bulbs. 

Oil rubbed bronze, gold, and pewter are all on-trend right now. Spend an hour giving an old fixture an upgrade with a bit of paint - you’ll be amazed at the difference!

When it comes to light bulbs, it’s time to switch to “daylight”. This bulb sheds extra light without being too harsh, a game-changer for great rooms and kitchens. This is especially valuable if your home is on the market. For any space that needs extra light, be sure to install daylight bulbs and show off the beauty of your home. 

Pro Tip: Make sure the bulbs are the same temperature throughout the room to maintain a consistent ambiance.

Create a Feature Wall

To really boost a room refresh, make a feature wall. One of the greatest renter-friendly and low-stakes DIY projects is peel and stick wallpaper. You will need a level, a tape measure, fresh blades for a utility knife, a step ladder, a pencil, and, if available, an extra set of hands. This project can be done solo but it is a bit easier with a team.

The best part about peel and stick wallpaper is the cost and simplicity. For less than $200 and a couple of hours, you can completely transform a room. The pattern selections are endless. Many Lowcountry designs include shiplap. If you aren’t sure how long this trend will last OR don’t have the budget to install actual shiplap, try some wallpaper. It’s very realistic.

To install, select a wall, take measurements (and double-check them), choose a pattern, and get samples if available. Once you decide on the pattern you love, make sure to buy a little extra for backup supplies in case of mistakes!

The best tip for any wallpaper job is to have patience. Don’t rush the process and be sure to step back from the wall to ensure everything is lined up straight!

Shop Your House for Affordable Home Upgrades

Have you considered your own home as a place to “shop”? It can be! With a little imagination and inspiration, an old chair or vase can be given new life. This is especially true if you have things stored that you may not have seen or used in a long time.

What’s yours can be new again, and we believe you can often find fun ways to use what you already have to brighten your home and lift your mood! 

Choose a room to focus on and look for inspiration photos and videos. With a goal in mind, like a refreshed office/desk area or maybe a bedroom or playroom, just walk through your home reviewing accessories, small furniture pieces, and textiles that might coordinate in the “new” space. 

Once you’ve identified some items that can be repurposed, take a quick trip to the store for your supplies. You might need a can or two of spray paint to create a matching set of vases or some new fabric to DIY reupholster a chair. If fresh flowers are available while you’re out, purchase a bundle for the finishing touch in the refreshed room.

Rearrange Your Furniture and Upgrade to New Hardware  

One of the best affordable home upgrades is actually free: reimagine a room with a different layout for an instantly new feeling. 

Some ways to accomplish rearranging without breaking a sweat:

  • Turn the rug in a new direction, or layer a second rug on top. 

  • If your accent chairs are angled, try them straight on for a clean, right-angle layout.

  • Replace outdated or unused end tables with indoor plants or poufs with trays.

  • Mix and match ottomans from different couch sets for an eclectic look.

After living with the new setup for a few weeks, decide if you love it or want to put it back. It can be that easy!

Last but not least, a very simple and quick upgrade is changing out the hardware on your bedroom furniture. You can spray paint what you currently have, or shop in store or online for new handles and knobs. 

Make sure to measure the “center to center” points (where the bolt holes are) before shopping for new handles. Let your furniture reflect your style with new jewelry. 


Affordable home upgrades don’t have to occupy a lot of brain space or take more than a day to accomplish. Before you begin a refresh, consider

  1. New lightbulbs can change the ambiance of a room.

  2. A statement feature wall can be all the decoration you need in a room. Use peel-and-stick wallpaper for a low-commitment addition. 

  3. Take accessories and small furniture items from one room and arrange in another!

  4. Moving the furniture for a new perspective and changing the hardware on your furniture. Buy new or spray paint what you have. 


What affordable home upgrades have you done in your home this spring? What idea will work best in your home?

Share with us in the comments below!


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