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Lowcountry summer seasons bring with them a desire for affordable home upgrades. As we spend more time outdoors, sprucing things up on the exterior becomes a focus. 

The great news is, many improvements are easy, cheap ways to update your home. You can make a big impact with a small budget. We’ve gathered some of our favorite affordable home upgrades to consider this summer.

From a fresh coat of paint to new drawer pulls, flower pots to light fixtures...there are lots of options to consider when upgrading on a budget. If you are going for a southern-inspired style, we have lots of examples for you below.


Affordable Home Upgrades: Outdoor Ideas

  1. Add Flower Pots

    Treat yourself to new pots for your flowers and shrubs. Whether placed on your front porch, back porch or used as the beginning of a garden, this upgrade adds visual appeal to any area.

    Seek out pots in varying sizes, colors, and textures. Plant a mix of colorful blooms and hanging greens to make the most of your new design. If you’re an experienced gardener, you can even grow your own plants from seeds in the spring. They’ll be lovely by summer!

    Depending on the number and size of your pots and plants, this upgrade will run you between $100-$500.


  1. Paint Your Front Door and/or Shutters and Trim

    It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can truly transform a space. When it comes to your home’s exterior, paint can quickly add up. While painting your whole house will cost you a pretty penny, a single can of paint and some sweat equity will cost you under $100. This is one of the best cheap home upgrades out there.

    How do you know what color to choose? For the front door, experts recommend a color that contrasts nicely from your home’s current paint color. Consider getting a few samples from the paint store and seeing what looks best! This project will only take a few hours.

    Shutters and trim take a lot longer - you may want to dedicate a whole weekend to this project. To simplify, just paint the shutters. While your front door is perfect for a pop of color, your shutter color should complement your home’s current paint color. The popular Lowcountry hue Charleston Green is often a great choice because it goes with so many other colors!


  1. Add a Birdhouse or Another Type of Garden Ornament

    The Lowcountry is known for its diverse wildlife, including a number of bird species. From Cardinals to Bald Eagles, you can bird watch to your heart’s content.

    Make spotting these flying beauties easier while making your house more beautiful by adding a birdhouse or two to your yard. This project is quick, inexpensive and can really add character to your exterior. A birdhouse is a great way to show your personality.

    Not a bird person? That’s ok! Some other inexpensive garden ornaments include small sculptures, trellises and more.

  2. Install New Exterior Light Fixtures

    Fixtures attached to the home can get expensive, especially if you want to upgrade to gas. When it comes to affordable home upgrades, the best way to install exterior lighting without breaking the bank is going for solar-powered path lights.

    Depending on how many you need and the quality of the light, this project will cost about $200 (and up). Line your pathway or garden with these lovely additions to add instant dimension.


Affordable Home Upgrades: Indoor Ideas

  1. Upgrade Interior Light Fixtures

    While we’re on the topic of lighting, is it time to revamp the dining room fixture? Maybe the hallway sconces are overdue. Pick a room and invest in a new light fixture to quickly upgrade the space. You may be surprised to learn that changing only the light fixture can totally transform a room.

    Can’t afford that gorgeous fixture you really want? Sometimes the best way to achieve an updated look is also the cheapest: spray paint. Take your current fixture down and give it a careful coating of matte black or warm gold. Both finishes are on-trend. Odds are the shape of your current fixture isn’t so bad. A little paint will take it from drab to fab.

  2. Update Cabinet Hardware

    If your dream is to redo your kitchen, this is a great first step. “Cheap home upgrades” and “kitchen renovation” are phrases that do not go in the same sentence. Did you know replacing cabinets will run you tens of thousands (and that’s not even considering the counters and appliances)!

    So how do you bring your kitchen into this decade without 30k? Swapping out the dated drawer pulls for a more current look is step one. Make sure to order a new pull that will fit on the holes already drilled in your current cabinets. Designer knobs are quite expensive so find something you like then shop for an affordable version.

    If you’re feeling extra DIY, you can paint cabinets with a bit of sweat equity. It’s not as simple as taking the doors off and slapping on a coat of paint, but with patience and the right tools, you can complete a cabinet paint project over a few days for under $1,000.




Achieve the look you want with these affordable home upgrades! Choose one, two, or all six, and we are sure you’ll love the outcome!

  1. Add Flower Pots

  2. Paint Your Front Door and/or Shutters and Trim

  3. Add a Birdhouse or Another Type of Garden Ornament

  4. Install New Exterior Light Fixtures

  5. Upgrade Interior Light Fixtures

  6. Update Cabinet Hardware


What affordable home upgrades are on your list this summer?

Share your ideas with us in the comments below!




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