Backyard Makeover

Looking for the perfect backyard makeover? Look no further! Backyard makeovers are an amazing way to increase the usability of your outdoor spaces while also adding real property value, too!

Whether you are planning to upgrade your space with affordable features, customize something built-in, or DIY in your spare time - this article covers it all.

We are just about halfway through summertime in the Lowcountry and everyone’s hot out there. But, it will not stay hot forever! Below, we have included backyard makeover ideas for every season.

Affordable Backyard Makeovers

Hammocks, Swings and More 

Looking to add some casual comfort to your space without breaking the bank? Consider a hanging option like a hammock. If you have two trees in close proximity - what are you waiting for? Here are a bunch of beautiful, affordable hammocks just perfect for lounging in the shade.

No trees to use? A quality hammock stand will run you more than the hammock itself. If you take care of the stand, it can last for years and years! 

Thinking of something more in line with Lowcountry design? Then an outdoor swing is perfect for you! If you have a back porch, it’s high time you added a swing to it. Even more popular these days is “The Bed Swing”, a larger, more comfortable version of the porch swing. 

Porch Swing






Image: The Bed Swing


Outdoor Furniture

Depending on your needs, some outdoor furniture can still be considered “affordable”! If you’re in the market for an entire outdoor living and dining set, be prepared to invest many thousands of dollars. 

Rather than committing to that kind of cost, consider these essential items and keep your costs low:

  • Four-Piece Dining Set - Glass and metal are often less expensive than hardwoods like teak.

  • Freestanding Fire Pit - You can find these for under $100 at any hardware store.

  • Lounge Chairs - Pricing varies, but affordable choices do exist - like this one!


DIY Backyard Makeovers

DIY is all the rage during 2020. With time on our hands and a growing list of ways we want to improve our home, why not put your skills to use with a DIY backyard makeover? 

DIY Fire Pit

Ease your way into the DIY life by trying your hand at a fire pit. With only a few inexpensive materials and one afternoon, you can be the proud owner of a custom-built fire pit! We love this video from Home Depot with step-by-step instructions for designing something beautiful and functional.

Outdoor Lighting

You may be surprised to learn how much ambiance you can add to your space with simple lighting upgrades. From LED lights lining your pathways to colorful uplighting in your trees, the options are endless! Nowadays you can buy nearly any lighting type in solar power meaning you don’t need an electrician to install a thing.

One of our favorite outdoor lighting options for DIY is hanging cafe bulbs. Inexpensive, beautiful, and easily customizable - these lights instantly upgrade any space. Here is a great tutorial for creating an oasis with string lights.

Outdoor Lighting



Custom Backyard Makeovers

Outdoor Kitchens

Ready to upgrade your space with a backyard makeover you will use over and over? Building an outdoor kitchen is a costly but valuable option. Aside from adding a pool or major decking, an outdoor kitchen is one of the more expensive backyard makeover options out there. With that said, why are so many people doing them? Mainly because they can be used year-round, add immediate property value, and truly increase your quality of life.

Outdoor Kitchen


So where do you start? Unless you are a contractor yourself, start by finding one you trust. Building an outdoor kitchen is not the kind of project you should DIY. 

You’ll need everything from electrical to plumbing and potentially even gas lines. A contractor will help you work through the permitting process as well. Whether you go small, like the photo above, or as big as your mind can imagine, this kind of custom backyard makeover will surely bring the WOW factor!



Make the most of your outdoor time with a backyard makeover! No matter your budget, you can create a beautiful space using any of these ideas:

  • Add a hammock or swing.

  • Add or upgrade your outdoor furniture so you can dine and lounge outside.

  • Build a DIY fire pit or create ambiance by DIY-ing some lighting options

  • Customize a built-in outdoor kitchen


Do you have any plans for a backyard makeover this year? 

Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

















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