Are you in the market for a new roof? Perhaps you’re building your dream home, and it’s time to decide what roof to put on. Choosing a roofing material is a big decision - not only because of the high cost but because your roof material says a lot about your design taste.

In the Lowcountry, roof aesthetics tip between two main roof styles: a metal roof vs. a shingle roof. If you're from anywhere with warmer temperatures, you might be more used to tile roofs. We don’t see many tile roofs in this region, so we’re going to focus this article on the two main roof materials used here.

Shingles are likely the first material that comes to mind when you think about what a run-of-the-mill roof looks like. Gone are the days of metal roofs exclusively being used on farmhouses and barns. Now, there are many style options for both materials. 

Knowing that one of the most expensive and necessary elements of a home is the roof, we suggest reviewing each type in-depth to help you break down your decision. You might be leaning toward a particular look, but we’re going to explain the pros and cons of each so you make the most informed decision.  

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Metal Roof vs. Shingle Roof: Why Choose Metal?

Those farm owners knew the metal material they used for their buildings would last a long time, allowing them to spend valuable time working the farm instead of constantly replacing the roof. 

The most notable value of metal roofs is their lifespan. So, let’s begin with the pros: metal roofs are super long-lasting and can safely cover your home for 30 to 50 years. 

The warranties are decades-long because the lightweight yet durable material is extremely reliable and able to withstand a lot. Metal roofs will cost more upfront, but the payoff is easy to justify. Besides needing very little maintenance, the quality of metal also adds to your home’s resale value.

Salespeople will tell you, as well as some neighbors, that metal roofs can have a cooling effect on the home. Metal roofs are great for homes in climates that fluctuate in temperatures, and even in hot, sunny climates. 

Another wonderful element of metal roofing is how resistant it is to wind and other elements. A good tip: No matter your roof type, always consider your home owner’s insurance policy and its roof age limitations. 

If you’re concerned about style, you are in luck! Metal roofs come in many styles and colors, from the basic standing seam to shingle styles and ribbed metal. You can find an extremely durable roof style for your home! 

Shingle Roof vs. Metal Roof: Why Choose Shingles?

Shingles are versatile and have less cost upfront than metal because of their difference in durability. It’s a cost-effective roofing type that will last about 15 to 20 years. There are premium shingles, an upgrade in style, durability, and longevity. This shingle-style can last longer, about 20 to 35 years. 

The best thing about shingle roofs in today’s market is the variety of styles with each. Homeowners can get exactly the look they want without being forced to prioritize durability or cost. Shingle roofs are the industry standard and there are many design options including a slate look shingle, wood shake shingle, and even tile shingle. 

If you opt for a shingle roof and maintain it with regular inspections, including removing nearby tree branches, it can last until the higher end of the warranty lifespan. As long as the install is done properly, a shingle roof can be a great cost-effective option for your home. 

Along with the more amenable cost comes the understanding that shingle roofs will need more repair throughout their life. High winds and impacts can damage a shingle here and there, requiring attention to keep from leaking. Metal roofs rarely leak as long as their flashing is done well. 

No matter which type you choose, remember to check it regularly and maintain it for the best results.


So, you have determined you need a new roof and you’re deliberating the materials. As you continue the journey of deciding metal roof vs. shingle roof, remember:

  1. Metal roofs are more durable, last longer and incur more cost upfront, but that can pay off when considering resale value.

  2. Shingle roofs come in many styles, with a guarantee to find one that works well for your home and budget. 

  3. Consider home insurance policies and the current roof age. Can you wait five years, or did an inspector recommend replacing soon to satisfy home insurance policy requirements?

  4. Do your research. More important than the roof material is ensuring you hire a reputable, licensed and insured company to do the labor. 

Now it’s time to choose–metal roof vs. shingle roof–which type will work best for your home? What do you like about each material?

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