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Looking forward to more opportunities for hosting in 2021? Perhaps you are looking for a refresher on how to set a table. Or maybe you know how to set a table, but you need some ideas for designing a gorgeous tablescape to wow your guests! This article will teach you everything you need to know to make your dining room the star of the show.

When you walk into a dining room, the most dominant furniture is the dining table. No matter your style, it is important to dress it up (or down) to make it stand out and become a cohesive part of the room. No table is complete without decor, and even when it isn’t in use, it’s great to leave your table “set” to finish the look of your room.

How to Set a Table

First, let’s cover the basics of how to properly set a formal table. This graphic from MarthaStewart.com is a perfect guide. 

Table Setting Guide 

Credit: Emma Darvick

You do not have to use every element shown here if your style is less formal. The great thing about using this graphic as a guide is that you can see where everything goes, even if you choose to only use the basics. 

We are currently inspired by the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, so we searched for romantic tablescapes for motivation to make your sweet Sunday supper even more beautiful. 


Simple Tablescapes 

A simple, yet romantic table setting is the perfect way to approach an intimate holiday at home. If you have a large dining table, we suggest setting the table with one chair at the head of the table, and the other close by its side for an intimate feel. 

To focus on the holiday romance, or otherwise sentimental celebrations, start with a plain, freshly-pressed white table cloth, a dinner plate, one of each utensil, a water glass and a napkin. 


Photo: Pinterest

Romantic table settings typically exclude a lot of serving dishes on the table because often candle holders take center stage. Even the simplest of tablescapes can be elevated with an array of candlesticks varying in height. 

If you’re planning to enjoy wine, including a glass carafe or wine chiller bucket for sparkling wine adds a nice touch. You may be surprised at the styles you can find online, marble is a trendy yet classic take on the utilitarian kitchen piece.

Table 3 

Photo: Williams Sonoma

There is beauty in keeping things unfussy, and ultimately means less dishes and utensils to load in the dishwasher. Sometimes simple really is best!


Glamorous Table Decor: Sparkling Centerpiece

If glamour and flair lead the way in which you approach celebrations, break out the fancy plates and glassware and set up the table for an extravagant meal. For the centerpiece, choose whatever flowers are fresh at the market or grocery store the day of or the night before the meal takes place. Place them in beautiful vases and adorn with candles for a glam vibe.

Table 4 

Photo: Pinterest

Take things up a notch by adding a framed photo for a special, personalized touch. Crystal, glass and lucite are commonly considered more glamorous materials, so Incorporate them in creative ways to give the table a wow factor. Remember, lighting is very important for ambiance, so if you can, dim the chandelier to immediately change the space.


Rustic Table Settings

The modern farmhouse trend is stronger than ever, and many of us struggle with how to set a beautiful table when our surrounding decor is less formal. Here are two beautiful examples of rustic table settings that use wood, and still evoke polish and even romance.

 Table 5

Photo: Etsy

Using wood “trays”, candles and fresh greenery brings the outside in. You can dress a table up enough to feel like a special occasion without it feeling too formal. Even if this isn’t your personal style, you can agree it has charm and beauty.


These reclaimed wooden candle holders are decor you can use and reuse throughout the home. Dress them up for a tablescape by adding some flowers and you’ve instantly created a beautiful centerpiece.

Table 4

Photo: Etsy


Dress Up in the Dining Room

When was the last time you dressed up to attend an event? For many, we’re going on a year. Perhaps it’s been so long you can’t remember! Next time you host a dinner, even if it’s just for two, consider dressing up to enjoy the event in your dining room. 

It may sound silly, but breaking out your finery for an evening in will certainly add to the ambiance you’ve worked so hard to create with your tablescape. You can even enjoy the getting ready process with an upbeat playlist while you pamper yourself.


Remember, the best way to approach setting a table is celebrating what you love. An uncomplicated mindset will allow the decor to speak for itself. If you like themed parties and thrive over planning out every last detail, this is your time to bring out fancy, romantic flair. You can’t go wrong with:

  1. Candles. Set the ambiance with non-scented candles, either tea lights or tapered candles in candlesticks. 

  2. Real dinnerware sets. If you have barely-touched china sets, use them! If not, your everyday dishes are better than paper products. 

  3. Let the accents be the star with a simple color scheme like white and gold or black and silver. 

What dining room décor theme works best with your style? 

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