When it comes to making chores more bearable, creating a more functional and beautiful space surely helps. We all know laundry ranks pretty high on the list of “least favorite chores” considering it’s basically never-ending. Today’s article features a few of our favorite laundry room remodels to help you create a room that isn’t so dreaded!

We think the laundry room (or space where the washer and dryer live - the mudroom, the garage, it can vary) should be a well-organized spot that also shows personality and! We rounded up some must-haves for creating a functional space that makes doing chores a bit easier and helps improve resale value.

For folks with an actual laundry room: raise your hand if yours has one or two wire shelves above the washer and dryer...and nothing else. The laundry room is often an afterthought and therefore wasted space. Are you guilty of leaning your brooms against the corner and haphazardly shoving all your cleaners and detergents onto that one unsightly shelf? 

There is no shame in admitting the laundry room is not a top priority on a long list of cosmetic upgrades you’re working on in the home. But considering the low cost and high impact of a laundry room remodel, we want you to see all the ways you can make this space better!

Check out our ideas and some laundry room remodel inspiration photos to incorporate in your own space!

Laundry Room Remodels: Maximize Storage Space

In a space that is purely functional, it is important to prioritize storage in the laundry room. Keep laundry-related items like detergent and stain removers within easy reach for everyday use. We like corralling these items in jars or baskets on an open shelf. Laundry supplies stored inside a cabinet can also be just as functional.

Laundry Room Remodels 

The laundry room does not have to solely store laundry-related items. Pull-out drawers and tall cabinets like the ones shown above offer great storage for a variety of items you want to access quickly but do not want to leave out in plain sight.

If it’s a combined area like a mudroom, dedicate baskets and storage bins for tote bags, reusable grocery bags, beach towels, and pet items. Some people even use an entire cabinet for crafts and gift wrap. You will want space for bags, shoes, keys, and other items that are often dropped at the door. 

Once organized, the laundry room can be a great room that ultimately serves as the biggest workhorse space in your home. Use it for what makes the best sense for your family!

Laundry Room Remodels: Pops of Color and Patterns

If your laundry room is a dedicated space, you know guests rarely go in there. With that in mind, you can throw all the design rules out the window and do exactly what YOU want for your laundry room remodel.

How about making laundry more fun with pops of color and patterns? Find artwork for the wall or roll out a new rug to make the space fun. Hopefully, the pops of color or pattern bring some joy as you do chores. 

Laundry Room Remodels 2 

If your washer and dryer are part of your mudroom where guests may enter, consider fun but less quirky style and use wallpaper! There are endless stick-on options making this something you can do quickly and inexpensively. Plus, you can change it without harming the walls or making a big dent in your wallet. Don’t forget a washable rug which will instantly elevate the space and is a functional option for high traffic areas. 

Functional Laundry Room Remodels:

We know you want baskets, drawers, hampers, drying racks, and clothes hanging bars...the list goes on! When it comes to your remodel, make the most of the limited space and use any additional wall space for cabinets, pop-out drying racks, and maybe even a fold-away ironing board. If you have space, create an area just for sorting and folding.  

If you are lucky to have a utility sink, can you make it look built-in and have a cabinet under the sink? This is a great spot to keep the backstock of any additional cleaners and laundry detergent. 

Alternatively, do you have a tiny space housing your washer and dryer? If your laundry room is actually a laundry closet, you can still make it a bit more functional and beautiful. Check out how this homeowner added uppers and a tiny backsplash for the ultimate use of space.

Laundry Room Remodels 3 


We have seen a ton of remodels feature pops of color and extra storage maximize the space. Consider matching colorful trends to your personality. Easy updates can include wall art or bright patterned rug, and be sure to maximize functionality with an organization system that works for you. Consider the priorities for your space and keep the design fun, while maximizing function. 

Our top three laundry room favorites have: 

  1. Ample amount of space for storage. What’s in the cabinets or on shelves doesn’t have to be only laundry-related. 

  2. Added pops of color or pattern with wall art or rugs. Stick-on wallpaper is a favorite for small spaces!

  3. Create overall function for the whole family. The easier this space is to navigate, the easier is it to delegate chores to all the family members!

Which of these laundry room remodels and tips would work best in your home? What colors and patterns would you incorporate to help make laundry more fun?

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