If you are in the market for home construction in the Lowcountry, you are certainly not alone. Chances are you’re looking at a variety of Bluffton home builders and Hilton Head home builders, and perhaps some national names too. 

Designing your dream home is an exciting process. With so many choices to make during your build, it is important to select a builder that fits your needs both from a design and functional perspective. So many of the builders here are locally grown companies; simply meeting and getting to know each one will help you know who feels like the right fit for your project.

Some of our favorite builders include (in alphabetical order):

Coastal Signature Homes

H2 Builders

Kendrick Construction

Randy Jeffcoat Builders

Once you have selected the right company for you, it’s time to design. This article focuses on choosing the exterior designs - from outdoor facades, landscaping and everything else related to curb appeal.

Exterior Design

One of the first materials you will consider in your design is the exterior. You have a number of options in the Lowcountry, however the most popular are siding, stucco, and Tabby, and each offers strong, durable protection from the unique elements in our region.

Siding, also known as Hardie Plank and Hardie Board, is a classic Lowcountry style and very durable. It lasts for a long time with routine maintenance and can be done in nearly any color!

Stucco is also a highly durable selection. This simple choice allows for more design flair in other areas like adding grand mouldings, brick details, metal and iron dormers, and so on. The blank slate of white stucco can be fun to design around. As long as it is installed properly, the material is long-lasting. 

Tabby concrete, which is also known as coastal concrete, is made of lime, sand, water, and oyster shells and exudes a historical vibe. This material is common in and around Beaufort, SC, and can still be seen in standing ruins in the area. 

The main culprit of damage to any exterior material is saltwater and salty air. We have that in abundance in the Lowcountry, so plan to power wash yearly and repaint every 10 years to combat the negative effects of salt.

Speaking of paint, one of the easiest ways your new home build can make an impact on your block is with great paint colors. Lowcountry palettes typically accent or complement the natural surroundings. Popular choices are neutrals like beige, white, deep blues, light greens, or even deep red for a pop of color on the front door. 

If your home has shutters, a classic complementing color like black or white is always a good choice. Dark colors and natural tones pair well—think navy, black with stone, and beige colors in rocks and stones.  

Lowcountry Curb Appeal Design Ideas

Curb appeal in the Lowcountry starts with a charming appearance and ends with a freshly mowed, edged, and blown lawn. 

For style and flair, add potted plants and seasonal decor for a cohesive overall general curb appeal. In the finishing stages of your home build, be sure to design a mix of mulch, pine straw and possibly even rock. Pine straw is the most commonly used ground cover in this region, but consider mixing in at least one other element for a sharp finished product. Love the coastal feel? Try crushed oyster shell paths! You will be surprised at how impactful different textures can be to your overall curb appeal. 

Looking for a bonus subtle, yet impactful curb appeal element? Focus on lighting to make coming home in the dark just as welcoming as pulling into the driveway, returning home during the day. Lighting your pathways makes a big visual impact.


Lowcountry Landscape Tips and Tricks

What are the most popular plants in your new neighborhood? Take a drive or bike ride around your future home and take note of what’s thriving in the neighbors’ yards. It is a good idea to use plants you know can work in your environment then expand from there. Gardening in the Lowcountry can be very different from the way you garden in other regions.

Plants like lantana and society garlic are great, as are foundation plants like viburnum and boxwoods. To make your house stand out, add your own style and personality with benches, fountains, wrought iron detail, and more. 


The home building process is full of options and many decisions to make. Before your next exterior planning meeting, be sure to consider these:

  1. Exterior materials set the style and personality of your home. Modern touches on classically inspired styles are popular! Consider contemporary finishes you will love for years to come.

  2. Curb appeal is a very important element of your home. It’s the first impression, make it count with finishing touches!

  3. Professional-looking landscaping is a touch that can elevate your home, no matter how in progress it may be. Check popular, flourishing plants in your neighborhood for easy planting decisions. 

What is your favorite Lowcountry home design style? 

Share with us in the comments below!




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