It has been a tough year, but our community is undeniably Lowcountry strong. We have come together through the highs and lows throughout the years, and 2020 has shown us how the community supports one another during the most uncertain of times. 

As we reflect during the Thanksgiving holiday, we are sharing our appreciation for something everyone in our community loves: our unique and beautiful naturescape. Those of us lucky enough to call the Lowcountry “home” have the priceless ability to maintain our deep connection to nature, even during a worldwide pandemic. With limitless access to secluded outdoor spaces, we’re feeling especially grateful for the beach days, picturesque marshlands, and endless walking and biking trails. 

This year, we slowed down enough to realize how special it is to have beautiful scenery outside our back door and wildlife living among us. And for that, we’re very thankful. 


The Community Embrace

We have seen the community come together to support new friends, neighbors, and strangers. The way acquaintances genuinely offer assistance was unsurprising being that we are a southern town bound together by our kindness - yet in 2020 we were further inspired to keep the support going when we need it most, as we’re all in this together. 

Supporting our local businesses truly showed how we are Lowcountry strong. From being intentional about purchasing extra meals from restaurants to shifting to online and pick up purchases from local stores and promoting what we could within our personal networks, the people in the Lowcountry support one another in many ways. 

The year may be coming to an end, and the uncertain times aren’t over. Please continue to show your gratitude to local businesses and continue the generous donations of time or money when and where you can. 


Experiencing the Natural Beauty

We are blessed to live in an area with warm weather most months, and still be far north enough to experience the seasons. The nature around us has prompted us to get outside and do more living outdoors. We are avid nature trail walkers and bikers, and 2020 gave us the opportunity to fall in love with the natural beauty of Lowcountry all over again. 

When we needed to get away, we went to the beach, even if it was only for a walk at sunset along the shoreline, to change up the scenery. The trails brought us closer to home and led us to discover more of what we already loved: the peaceful moments. 

The marshlands are what define the Lowcountry. Looking out at the vast, daily-changing tidal marshes reminded us of what brought us here, or for some, why we’ve stayed in the Lowcountry. During difficult moments we watched the waters rise and recede, knowing that like the tides, life has its highs and lows. Low tide always gives way to high, and we hold onto that mentality going into this season of giving thanks.



How many times have you looked out and seen an animal in your backyard, or crossing the golf cart path, or flying overhead? So many people don’t have the chance to experience that, “oh my goodness!” moment with a wild animal that we are able to have so often! We are grateful to live among wildlife and have those little moments of joy. 

Whether it was a fun wildlife bingo game with the kids, or spotting a bird we hadn’t noticed before, watching animals in their habitat is a special and humbling feeling. We are thankful to live in a beautiful environment with one of the most diverse animal populations in the country. 


This year, we’ve learned we are more than neighbors. Strangers became friends and we found a way to overcome. There’s no doubt we are Lowcountry strong. So this year, if you are struggling to find things to be grateful for, think of this:

  1. Those who support us: our neighbors and friends for being there when we need it most. 

  2. Living in a place with so much nature and activities to experience nature in different ways. 

  3. Happy moments while living among the wildlife.

How have you shown your Lowcountry strong pride this year? What are you thankful for?

Share with us in the comments below!



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