Andy TwisdaleAndy Twisdale's decades of experience and diverse background in the real estate business have firmly cemented his success in helping buyers, sellers, and investors excel in their property-related endeavors. His expertise and unparalleled market knowledge allow him to almost instantaneously envision and secure what someone wants in a home, just by listening to their needs.

Twisdale talks about how he got his start in the business, the importance of working with a Realtor to understand the specific offerings of each community, and the vibe of the Lowcountry.


Charter One Realty: When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in real estate?

Andy Twisdale: On September 21, 1985, I met Gail Golding and on May 8, 1988, we were married. Gail was an elementary school teacher and I was the GM for Hudson's Seafood, and our lives were on different time frames.   Therefore I decided to find another career that would offer us more time to be together. 


Charter One Realty: Tell us about your start in the business. How did the first year go?

Andy Twisdale: My first year in real estate was in 1992. I was fortunately introduced to Roger Fulton and helped with a model home project called Glenmore Place in Hilton Head Plantation. For over a year I worked each Saturday and Sunday in a model home. Mike Story was our Sales Manager and he had me walk every vacant lot and see every new listing in Hilton Head Plantation.


Charter One Realty: What’s kept you in the business after your initial success?

Andy Twisdale: I truly enjoyed helping buyers find their first home, others planning for their retirement home, as well as helping sellers market their home and managing the transaction to closing. I guess you would say I loved the whole business, especially the satisfaction of helping them achieve their goals. Also, it is past clients' referrals that have fueled much of my success.


Charter One Realty: What’s one common mistake you see prospective buyers make?

Andy Twisdale:  I believe each buyer should fully understand the terms of a contract before purchasing; that every home needs ongoing repairs and maintenance, and updated as needed to enjoy for 3-8 years prior to planning to sell.


Charter One Realty: How has technology changed the industry, and what does it mean for buyers?

Andy Twisdale: We all have experienced unbelievable changes in technology. Buyers have as much information as a Realtor. They must find a Realtor Advocate to work for them to find the right home. Technology cannot explain to a buyer the characteristics of a neighborhood nor the fundamentals of the market.


Charter One Realty: If you weren't working in real estate, is there anything else you could see yourself doing?

Andy Twisdale: If I was not a Realtor, I would choose another field helping people; finance, law, or a non-profit charity.


Charter One Realty: What advice do you have for buyers looking in the Lowcountry?

Andy Twisdale: For the long term, buy a home or condo that will allow you to build memories with your family and friends. Whether you are looking to be here full-time or part-time, work with a Realtor to understand the specific amenities of a community.  As an island, Hilton Head's communities vary differently by location, amenities, physical appearance, and its natural surroundings; therefore neither one is truly better than another - it's more a matter of which feels best to the buyer.


Charter One Realty: Where are you from originally, and how did you come to live in the Lowcountry?

Andy Twisdale: I am from Enfield, NC. It's a small town with a population of about 2,500. In  September 1971 I was traveling to Florida to work in the hospitality industry. Stopped to say "hello" to a F&B manager at Palmetto Dunes. He offered me a job and a place to stay and I remained on Hilton Head Island for the winter. 


Charter One Realty: Please tell us about your neighborhood and your home.

Andy Twisdale:  In 1973, I was the Manager and opened the Old  Fort Pub which led me to make Hilton Head Plantation my home. Hilton Head Plantation was 4,000 acres with just a couple of paved roads. I have watched this community grow to over 10,000. Very diverse in age and experiences. Waterfront access, bike trails, lots of golf courses.  Terrific recreation with pools and tennis and community gathering buildings


Charter One Realty: How would you describe the vibe in the Lowcountry?

Andy Twisdale: The vibe in the Lowcountry. Natural beauty, thoughtful planning. A vibrant economy based upon being outside and relaxation. Most residents have been successful enough to be able to live anywhere but have chosen Hilton Head Island. 


Charter One Realty: How have you seen the Lowcountry change - from both a personal and professional perspective

Andy Twisdale: From just around 3,000 Island residents in 1971 to over 40,000 and 2.5 M visitors in 2020, I have felt apart of a special community.  Even though we have grown, the Island is one of the nation's best-planned, naturally beautiful places. 


Charter One Realty: Do you have a personal motto or mantra that guides you?

Andy Twisdale: Treat every client as you want to be treated. Provide a fiduciary level of service.  Be there after the closing.


Charter One Realty: Please complete the sentence: “Home wouldn’t be home without . . .”

Andy Twisdale: Home wouldn't be home without my partner in life, Gail.

Andy and Gail Twisdale



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