For Charter One Realty agent, Duke Delcher, real estate isn't merely a line of work — it's a calling. This top-performing agent has assisted in the development of golf communities and been listing and selling and properties in the Lowcountry for decades. He has established quite a track record in the industry. As a partner of one of the top producing teams at Charter One Realty, Duke specializes in luxury golf communities and introducing clients to the property of their dreams.

Charter One Realty sat down with Duke to learn more about how he got his start, his team, and what he enjoys about his neighborhood and the Lowcountry.

Duke DelcherCharter One Realty: When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in real estate?

Duke Delcher: I always liked working with people and being of service. As a golf professional prior to my real estate career I knew I would enjoy the interaction and helping folks find the right property. I met my first employer while playing golf in 1984. He offered to teach me the business and the rest is history.

Charter One Realty: Tell us about your start in the business. How did the first year go?

Duke Delcher: I started in 1985 and knocked on the doors of expired listings. I was amazed at how many sellers never heard from their agents.

Charter One Realty: What’s kept you in the business after your initial success?

Duke Delcher: It has been my profession for 35 years and I have never thought about doing anything else. I have made some lifelong friends through business.

Charter One Realty: What’s one common mistake you see prospective buyers make?

Duke Delcher: There is a saying that people will buy from anyone but will only list with a true professional. Buying a home is one of if not the most expensive thing a person will buy in their lifetime. It is vitally important they get they work with an agent that understands value.

Charter One Realty: How has technology changed the industry, and what does it mean for buyers?

Duke Delcher: It allows the consumer to search for the perfect property on their schedule. Real estate agents now can get information to the clients in real-time, a win-win. The one thing to remember is things can look much different online than in person. Working with an agent that knows the inventory will really streamline the process and save buyers a lot of time.

Charter One Realty: If you weren't working in real estate, is there anything else you could see yourself doing?

Duke Delcher: Having a strong golf background. I could see being involved in the sport one way or another.

Charter One Realty: What advice do you have for buyers looking in the Lowcountry?

Duke Delcher:  It is a wonderful area to live, raise a family, or retire. The weather is great. We have 4 seasons but winter is short and nothing like the Northeast where I grew up.

Charter One Realty: How has your team partnership given you an edge in the market?

Duke Delcher: My team member happens to be my wife Linda. We both enjoy the business and being of service to our clients. We are very lucky in that we can offer both the male and female points of view which our clients seem to really appreciate.

Charter One Realty: Can you talk about how your personalities complement each other?

Duke Delcher: We certainly don't always agree on things but we always come back to doing what is the very best for the people we are working for. We are all about building long term relationships. This has served us well and why so many of our past clients refer their family and friends to us when they need real estate guidance.

Charter One Realty: Where are you from originally, and how did you come to live in the Lowcountry?

Duke Delcher: I was born in Bucks County PA. about 30 minutes from downtown Philadelphia. I started my real estate career in 1985 in South Jersey, near Atlantic City. Through my golf connections, I was offered to join the development group that was starting Belfair in 1995. It was a big decision for me as I had already established a good business. The weather and the golf brought me to the Low Country and I am thankful I made the move.

Charter One Realty: Please tell us about your neighborhood and your home.

Duke Delcher: We live in Colleton River and are very happy. It is a wonderful community with two great golf courses and beauty everywhere you turn. We are also founding members of Berkeley Hall about 10 minutes away. I am very lucky to have 4 great golf courses to play when I am not working. Our home is about 4,000 square feet and offers us plenty of room for family and friends when they come to visit.

Charter One Realty: Can you tell us why your community is so special to you?

Duke Delcher: We have found that most communities are very welcoming. The folks seem to remember they were new to the area at one point and therefore want to make the new owners feel the same way. We have felt right at home in Colleton River since the first day we moved in.

Charter One Realty: How would you describe the vibe in the Lowcountry? 

Duke Delcher: It is very comfortable and easy to enjoy. It is easy to make friends and enjoy the great weather.

Charter One Realty: How have you seen the Lowcountry change — from both a personal and professional perspective — over the years?

Duke Delcher: Bluffton has really grown over the past 25 years. We now have great shopping and restaurants to enjoy. The road systems have been updated and are easy to use. The Savannah airport is about 30 minutes away and now offers many non-stop flights to locations that many of our residents come from.

Charter One Realty: What are your favorite shops and restaurants in our community and why?

Duke Delcher: The outlets offer just about anything you need from a clothing perspective. The PGA Superstore is a great resource for those looking buy for a golf game. Restaurants offer many different venues. We enjoy Siglers, Sante Fe Cafe, and Old Fort Pub. You could eat out every single night and find a different venue to enjoy.

Charter One Realty: What are some of your favorite aspects of life in the Lowcountry?

Duke Delcher: The people and the weather.

Charter One Realty: Do you have a personal motto or mantra that guides you?

Duke Delcher: I believe in being of service to the folks that I am working with. It is what drives me every day.

Duke and Linda DelcherCharter One Realty: Please complete the sentence: “Home wouldn’t be home without . . .”

Duke Delcher: Linda being with me.



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