Spring Cleaning Tips for 2021

Posted by Paige Rose on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 at 2:36pm

It’s that time of year again! The cold temperatures have officially passed and we are no longer cooped up inside making our homes a bit dirtier than usual. You know where we are going with this...your home is ready for a deep spring cleaning!

We spent more time inside this past year than ever before. That means some areas you may skip over during your daily and weekly tidying actually need more attention than usual.

It can seem daunting to really clean your whole house. There are just so many areas dirt and dust can gather; how do you really get things fully sanitized without spending days cleaning?

We have some spring cleaning tips for you to help make the process easier! What is the first space in your home that could benefit from spring cleaning? If your answer is a high-traffic zone like the living room, kitchen or bedroom, then you are on track to get your home in shape!

Keeping up with daily duties like cleaning the kitchen sink and counters, plus weekly chores like tending to floors and laundry can be enough to keep the household running. But at least once per year, frequently used places need detailed cleaning. 

We are highlighting a few cleaning tips for each room so you can tackle spring cleaning with a plan! Did you know being organized instantly helps your attitude toward a dreaded project because it ensures you’ll be done faster? 

Check out our spring cleaning tips, make a list, gather your tools and turn on your favorite music to start cleaning - you will be done before you know it. 

Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tips

When was the last time you washed your pillows? Not your pillowcases, your ACTUAL pillows.

As it turns out, washing the pillowcases regularly with the sheets is not enough. If your pillows aren’t brand new, check the tag and throw them in the washing machine. Take out the duvet insert, and wash that too. 

Once the laundry load has started, tackle these tasks:

  • Dust the ceiling fan, items on the wall and dresser surfaces (including lamps and their bulbs), 

  • Use a handheld vacuum to deep clean window coverings and dirt from the window crevasses. 

  • While the vacuum is out and your bed is stripped of sheets and pillows, vacuum the mattress to get rid of dust mites, stray pet hair and more. 

Pro tip: let the mattress air out and don’t put the sheets on immediately out of the dryer. Move on to the next bedroom and repeat these cleaning steps! If you have a lot of rooms, consider doing one each day for a 20-minute cleaning spree versus tackling everything at once and spending an entire day cleaning.

Don’t forget about your closets! Sometimes cleaning involves going through items at the back of your closets, only to find something you have not seen in years. 

For seldomly-used but necessary items (like seasonal linens) consider storing them out of the way on a top-shelf.

If you have an attic, you might even vacuum seal certain things and store them up there to free up space in your closets. Think of all the room you’ll create for frequently used items like towels, toilet paper, and toiletries.

Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips

When you are done in the bedrooms, consider moving to the kitchen. This is an area you likely tidy regularly, except for a few specific locations.

Let’s start by focusing on the refrigerator. It needs attention to continue working properly. Clean out the fridge by completing this list:

  • Check the expiration date on all items and toss what is too old. 

  • Before putting items back in the fridge, thoroughly wipe down the inside with some family-friendly cleaner. 

  • If your refrigerator dispenses water, order and replace the water filter. 

  • For the ice machine and ice dispenser, it’s worth it to remove the ice from the container and give everything a good wipe with a warm, damp cloth. 

  • Bonus tip: dump the ice into an empty bucket, let it melt, and use it to water houseplants. 

  • Carefully pull the fridge away from the wall, use a damp cloth to wipe the tops and sides. Venture around to the back and wipe it down, top to bottom. 

  • Sweep or vacuum the dust collection from the fridge cubby, and vacuum any vents in the back and at the bottom of the fridge to keep them clear and working well. 

Next, it’s time to clean your other appliances. Microwaves, ovens, and stoves are notorious for catching crumbs and drips. Use a cleaning product designed for your appliance material and give everything a thorough scrub-down. Your oven likely has a self-cleaning setting - use it!

The Garage

What better way to get a jump on spring cleaning than tackling the garage? Open the doors, grab a broom and clean up shop! 

  • Gather and store winter items for next year

  • Use the newfound space for spring and summer by taking out and organizing your gardening supplies, 

  • Wipe down your bikes and outdoor play gear so they’re ready for use.

  • Clean up the dedicated shoe space and donate any shoes you haven’t used in a while.

The garage is often neglected even though we typically use it a lot! A clean, organized garage is the welcoming and intimate entrance to your home. When you dedicate some time to it, it will certainly pay off. 


Don’t forget, once you finish your list, empty out the vacuum (or remove the bag) and relax and enjoy a freshly cleaned home. Remember: 

  1. We use our pillows every night, it is time they get washed too.

  2. Our appliances - inside and outside - need attention too. 

  3. Welcome the new season by opening the garage door and cleaning up the typical “drop zone.” 

What areas in your home need some spring cleaning? What is the first place you’ll start? 

Share with us in the comments below!



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