Spring Décor for Lowcountry Interior Design Enthusiasts

Posted by Paige Rose on Thursday, April 29th, 2021 at 2:14pm

Thinking about elevating your spring decor this season? Lowcountry decor is unique from other regions. It often incorporates our coastal textures that are unlike anywhere else in the world!

What is your favorite kind of spring decor to incorporate in your home? Whether it be simpler touches like picking up some trendy new vases and swapping your accent pillows and throws to bigger changes like trading out your wall art - there is always a way to infuse the Lowcountry in your designs.

In this article, we will feature a number of spring-inspired decor ideas that enable you to welcome the new season into your home. No matter your budget, there is something for everyone to try! 

If you’re thinking about listing or have your home on the market, consider utilizing some of these tips to elevate your staging and entice the many out-of-town buyers to adopt the Lowcountry lifestyle!

Spring Decor: Fluted Vases and Accents

A new, popular trend is fluted style accents in vases, furniture, and even stools. This ornate design style mirrors the flowing coastline of our endless marshes, tidal creeks, and oceanfront. 

Spring Decor 

Photo: WaitingOnMartha.com

How can you bring these flowing, delicate designs into your home if you have a more casual interior design style? That’s easy: incorporate plants! By warming up these vases with earthy colors and textures, the fluted accent pieces play well with your other Lowcountry decor. Plus, it’s a great way to add warmth to your home.

If you want to use this trend but aren’t a fan of this more luxurious and glamorous shape, the more laid-back approach to adding spring sparkle in your home is to place one of these vases as a centerpiece on the dining table. Place it atop a wooden charger or live edge cutting board to mix textures. Surround it with other centerpiece-friendly items like candles, for example. 

Can’t get behind the ornate styles for your vases? Consider a fluted lamp instead. Lamps are commonly more upscale than vases and the styles range. Here’s one we love that likely fits into most Lowcountry-inspired homes:

Spring Decor 2 

Photo: ReginaAndrew.com

Spring Decor: Lighter Fabric Colors and Textures

To make an impactful seasonal change in every room, change the textiles. All you need is extra closet space, a budget for this splurge, and time to change, clean, and store off-season items. From throw blankets and pillows to bedding and towels, these touches make all the difference when designing your home for spring and summer as compared to winter and fall. 

If you want to start affordably, focus on your main spaces and change your pillows. Not only are throw pillows fun and relatively inexpensive but they are a fast way to polish a room. The downside is that they can take up a lot of storage space when they aren’t on display, so we like to shop for pillow covers instead of whole pillows for every season. 

If you’re in love with fabric you can always have a local seamstress create custom pillow covers too! 

Most pillow inserts could use a refluffing. Did you know you can put them in the dryer on low heat with a couple of wool drying balls (or tennis balls) for a few minutes? They will fluff right up and be good as new!

If you want to go big, purchase blankets and bedding for the warmer seasons. Layers of blankets are still in fashion for bedding regardless of season, but the fabric and textures must change. Look for lighter fabrics like linen and percale or muslin. Find cotton blankets and lightweight duvet covers. Switching bedding is cozy and refreshing at the same time!


Rugs and Art

For bigger projects and budgets, you can continue the seasonal fabric changes with your rugs as well. The furniture might be perfectly situated in your home, so introduce an impactful element like the floor covering. Of course, lighter colors and patterns are in style when warm weather visits, and you can truly embrace the season by polishing your office, closet or guest room with something purely spring: florals.

Spring Decor 3 

Photo: RugsUSA.com

Layering rugs is still a great option to cozy up a living room or bedroom. We like when the rugs are different textures to add depth and interest to the space. This is very effective in the living room and bedrooms.

In the bathroom, we recommend a new rug. If you currently have one in the vanity area, take the existing one to the cleaner for a spring refresh and roll out a brighter or more floral-patterned rug for the season. 

Last but not least, consider how we adorn our homes with endless holiday decor each year. When you think about it, why can’t we do that year-round with seasonal art? If you need inspiration, simply head to Old Town Bluffton and stroll the many galleries. Shopping local art makes it easy to bring the Lowcountry spirit into your home with pieces that work for every season, or just spring, for example.


Changing out design elements doesn’t have to incorporate contractors, paint, ladders, and a ton of prep work. Try decor ideas like: 

  1. Try the fluted vases and accents trend with new lamps or stool. 

  2. Rugs or artwork to drastically change a space for relatively little effort. 

  3. Change to lighter bedding and textures like linen or percale. 

Which of these Lowcountry spring decor ideas will you work into your home? What other design elements should we try this spring?

Share with us in the comments below!








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