Ways to Add Instant Curb Appeal to Your Lowcountry Home

Posted by Paige Rose on Monday, August 14th, 2017 at 10:56am

Curb Appeal in the Lowcountry

We’ve seen it in movies, magazines, and read about them in timeless novels. There is an unmistakable charm about Southern Lowcountry-style homes that keeps visitors and locals intrigued. The peaceful and serene atmosphere makes any visitor feel like it’s a home away from home. One might say it is something about air or the water, but an expert will tell you it is an entire plethora of curb appeal details that make a Lowcountry home warm and inviting. Now’s your chance to get some insight from the experts and transform your house into home just by a few curb appeal tips.



1. Keep Clean a Routine

First things first, it is important to keep the outside of your home clean and free of dirt, debris, and clutter. This is the first detail people will recognize about your home just by taking the first few steps on your property. It may seem like something so simple, but you would be surprised how much of a difference an easy sweep and clean will make. This includes maintaining the color of your home by power or pressure washing the outside of your home. Not only will this keep your home looking new and fresh, but it will also keep away unwanted mold and mildew that can accumulate with time.

2. Landscape and Shape

When it comes to landscaping, think of it as decoration for your home. Too little could undervalue the beauty of home your home and too much could overshadow the main attraction. Once you have mastered the design of your fine foliage and shrubbery, it is time to invest in some handy dandy yard tools. Maintaining your shrubbery is just as crucial when it comes to landscaping. Overgrown plants and trees could obstruct your view of the house. Trim down hedges, vines, and grass for sharp and clean lines to accentuate your home. Spectators and potential buyers will appreciate your well-manicured lawn embellished with pruned shrubbery.

3.  Revive and Restore

Over the years, your exterior paint will face the expected and dreadful fate of chipping and discoloration. The seasonal weather patterns of the Lowcountry bring in high humidity and rain that will eventually wear down your home’s exterior color. Bring your home back to life by adding a fresh coat of paint to revive and restore. Make sure you invest in the right color and a good paint job so your paint will last for years to come. Don’t forget to take the proper precautions and necessary steps to prep and prime your house before you start painting. Having a bad paint job can potentially cost you precious time and money. A great paint job will not only save you time and money but will look fresh and clean to passersby and prospective buyers.

4.  Be Bold

Adding a pop of color to your door or window shutters can make the house brighter and stand out. Don’t be afraid to be bold and test some color schemes to figure out which works best for your design. This DIY is so simple to do, yet adds great curb appeal to your southern home. Painting your door or shutters is a fantastic way to upgrade your home without breaking your budget. This easy and affordable project is a makeover you won’t regret.

5.  Light the Night

Lighting is an important part of creating curb appeal that can sometimes be overlooked. Your beautiful house and landscaping disappear as the night sky reigns in. Adding house and landscape lighting will accentuate the best features of your house. Think of them as year-round Christmas lights, of course, more suitable and refined, and your house is “on show” for everyone to admire. You’re going to have to test out different kinds of outdoor lighting and which are best suited for your home. You can also have a variety of different lights because certain lights will have different purposes and lighting effects. Start small by planning and designing which features of your house you want to emphasize and illuminate. Once your plan is complete, you’ll be able to start on your lighting project to create the perfect mood and atmosphere you desire. 

6. A Style is Worthwhile

Dressing up your porch gives visitors and guests a warm welcome into your home. This is their first impression upon approaching the steps to your house. Picking the right patio furniture is essential for creating a friendly vibe that southern homes emanate so well. Pick a color scheme and stick with it to keep everything cohesive. Adding too many colors or too many pieces of furniture can distract from the house itself and come off as a bit tacky. If you’re a sucker for succulents, add a few potted sprouts or hanging ferns to bring some life onto your porch.

7.  Know Your Windows

Traditionally, Southern homes possessed large and lengthy windows to direct needed airflow into the house on hot summer days. By upgrading and improving your windows, you can reduce your energy bills while raising your home’s overall value and curb appeal. The classic style remains today, a quintessential component of a traditional southern home. And of course, these spacious windows wouldn’t be complete without shutters to accompany them. Pick a color that will coordinate with the rest of your house, and your look is complete.

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