With so many properties being purchased and built around the country, many of us are excitedly planning how to turn our houses into homes. Here in the Lowcountry, interior design inspiration is drawn from our natural surroundings with everything from color, building material, and decor textures being guided by our environment. 

This makes windows a huge factor in terms of design. If you’re building a home, include as many windows as you possibly can! If you purchased a home and want to make the most of the windows you have, be sure not to block them with furniture and dress them beautifully.

So, how do you add window treatments that enhance your Lowcountry interior design without deteriorating from the gorgeous views outside? 

First, when brainstorming ideas, remember that window treatments are designed to be beautiful, but functionally serve another purpose! Whether for privacy, sleeping, and/or electricity savings, the right window treatments do more than enhance your interior design. 

Our top window treatment ideas include style, function, and ease for all interior decorating aesthetics. Whether you want subtle design or maximum functionality, there is a perfect Lowcountry window treatment style for your home. 

Layered Curtain Treatments: Ideas for Interior Design

A versatile look we love for windows consists of at least two layers. Keep things simple with a cohesive pair like curtains and blinds. For a standard approach, install a neutral-colored blind or shade element and pair with a medium-weight neutral to keep things more simple. 

To add depth and dimension, use the two-rod trend; one rod at the front with a medium to heavyweight curtain to visually anchor the window and one layer closer to the window to filter light during the day. Your room will have a professionally designed feel, and certainly, be functional by drawing the sheer layer closed for daytime privacy. 

Lowcountry Window Treatment Ideas: Blinds or Shutters?

For some of the most functional window treatment ideas, use one of these two options for managing light and privacy: Blinds or Shutters.

Blinds, shades, rollers, and more in this window treatment family can vary from rustic and earthy bamboo styles. They can be remote-controlled or solar-controlled for extra simplicity, raised and lowered easily throughout the day. 

Shutters offer less visibility to the outside, but maximize style and can really help generate darkness during daylight hours. 

Each type serves a different function. Think about the room and how often you use it to help determine the type of window treatment you need from a functional standpoint. 

A solar-activated shade could be extremely useful in a home office or study, even the living room, where you will often need to prevent sun glares during the day. 

Start by determining what kind of light you need and want in your spaces, then pick a treatment. Complete the look with complementing curtains for a substantial touch of interior design to make the window stand out and make the room feel bigger. 

Window Treatments for Bedrooms: Blackout or Heavy Curtains 

The perfect condition for sleeping starts with a dark, cool room. Create a serene, stylish place to sleep by using heavier curtains in all your bedrooms. Daytime naps will no longer be a problem if your blackout curtain panels are in place on all the bedroom windows. 

If you have already hung curtains you love, stores like Pottery Barn and IKEA, and even Amazon offer blackout curtain panels that attach to existing curtain panels. 

For those who prefer a more maximalist or traditional style, go for three layers! Think about fixed curtains that pool on the floor, a valance in addition to blinds or shades. 

Tips and Tricks for Making the Most of Your Window Treatments

  • Try a few styles before committing to anything. Whether working with an interior designer or styling yourself, you can easily obtain samples to try before you buy.

  • During these hot months, draw heavy or blackout curtains closed during the day to save on your electric bill! It will reduce energy use and filter outside light during daytime TV hours

  • The easiest way to create more impact with window treatments? Hang the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. 

  • No room in the budget for custom window treatments? DIY interior design window treatments are certainly an option! 


When you want to switch up or add to your home’s interior style, consider these window treatment ideas: 

  1. Layered curtain treatments are a solid choice for many rooms in your home. 

  2. For ultimate function with style, pair window treatments like wide blinds with curtains. This trend works well in offices and bedrooms, where controlling the outside is important. 

  3. Blackout curtains or heavy curtain panels can help make a room look luxurious. Heavy fabrics, patterns, and curtains puddled on the floor brings maximum style. 

Which of these window treatment ideas would work best in your home? Did we miss any great styles you have been wanting to try?

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