Lowcountry reopens after covid19

After more than 45 days of closures, the close-contact businesses in the Lowcountry are preparing to open on Monday, May 18th. Our community is wondering how we can safely patronize the small businesses that desperately need our support. 

While some can’t wait to get out, the majority of residents are hesitant. White House coronavirus task force medical expert Dr. Fauci testified this week on the consequences of reopening too quickly. Increased human contact will increase the spread of COVID-19; it’s inevitable. We cannot stay closed forever, so venturing out with proper precaution can help our community slowly get back to work. 

So, how do you keep the Lowcountry on the up and up while also keeping safe? With great care, it IS possible to ease your way back into the public without spreading or catching COVID-19. Here’s how.

Before we share the list of ways to stay safe, catch up on all of our previous COVID-19 coverage here. Read about: 


South Carolina May 18th Reopening 

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster announced the closures of close-contact businesses would be lifted on Monday, May 18th. The following businesses will soon be allowed to operate:

  • fitness and exercise centers

  • commercial gyms, including group exercise facilities like yoga studios and barre classes

  • public or commercial pools 

  • barber shops

  • hair salons

  • waxing salons

  • threading salons

  • nail salons and spas

  • body-art facilities

  • tattoo services

  • tanning salons

  • massage-therapy establishments

  • massage services

It’s no secret most of us are past due for a haircut and in desperate need of a therapeutic sweat session at the gym. With the temperatures heating up, access to our community pools sounds like a dream.

Support the local economy - and your peace of mind - by patronizing your favorite close-contact businesses in a safe and thoughtful way. 


Going Out In Public During in a Pandemic

The phrase social-distancing is tattooed on our brains, but we all know jumping into a community pool or visiting the salon means we cannot physically keep our distance from other peoples’ germs. In addition to regularly washing your hands, we break down the best way to stop the spread based on your desired activity below.


  • Educate yourself on the cleaning schedule at your pool or gym. For example, which day is the pool chlorinated? Does the gym staff do a deep clean every day at 7 PM? Time your visits to ensure you’re enjoying the activity after it’s been newly sanitized.

  • Bring your own sanitization. Carry your own hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes. Most locations will provide them, but just in case they run out, you need to be prepared to clean ALL surfaces before and after you touch them. Yes, we said after! Being part of this close community means you have a responsibility to clean up after yourself to help the next person from encountering your germs. Think you don’t have germs? Pretend you do, and sanitize anyway. It only takes a moment and it’s extremely important. 

  • It doesn’t seem feasible to wear a mask while doing these kinds of activities. Consider that wearing a mask reduces your risk significantly. Consider working out in your mask an added layer of endurance training. 


  • Wear your mask! Protect yourself and protect your service provider. You come and go, but they are being exposed all day. Help keep them safe too!

  • When making your appointment, ask about their specific safety protocol. Are they limiting clients? Is there a no-waiting-room policy in place? Are they sterilizing everything between clients? These are important precautions you should check on before visiting.

  • Ask about contactless payment. Ideally, you can prepay. Cash and credit cards are known to be high germ spreaders. Yes, your service provider will be touching you, but they’ll most likely be using gloves. 

  • Remember that there are some contact points you cannot avoid, but identify everything you CAN avoid touching, and avoid it!


We’ll say it once more since it’s so crucial: wash your hands and wear a mask. These two VERY SIMPLE precautions will reduce your risk, and the risk to those around you, to a minuscule percentage. 

It’s important that we care for our local business owners by visiting them when they finally open on May 18th. It’s equally important that we protect their employees’ health while doing so. Stay safe Lowcountry!

How do you feel about Lowcountry close-contact businesses reopening? 

Share your opinion in the comments!



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