When the kids go back to school, every parent is on the hunt for some fresh deep cleaning tips. With the much-needed silence also comes the reality that the house is...pretty messy. 

Summer break means more fun and a lot more mess. For most families, this season is a time for messy outdoor play, snacks on the couch, somehow tracking pounds of sand in from the beach, and lots of other activities that slowly but surely turn the house upside down. Now that the new school year is almost upon us, we are sharing our deep cleaning tips to get you started on the long journey back to “clean”! 

Who doesn’t love a fresh start for the kids and your family? Though cleaning and organizing is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, the payoff is rewarding, especially after the messes made and clutter accumulated over the summer. A freshly cleaned space will usher in a can-do mindset and a great attitude to start school.

Check out the tips below for motivation and an easy approach to make the best of your time. Soon you will have an organized space ready for what this school year will bring. Let’s get to deep cleaning! 

Deep Cleaning Tips: Keep, Donate, Toss

Get started with clothes and designate three piles: keep, donate and toss. Chances are kids have grown out of most of last school year’s wardrobe. 

  • What items still have a little life? Have your kids try on questionable-fitting clothes and place the items in the appropriate pile. 

  • If there are missing buttons and easily patched clothes, make a plan to fix those items before tossing and replacing them. 

The task needs to be done, why not make it fun? Do you have a favorite podcast? What about a high-energy playlist? Play your preferred type of audio to get in the cleaning mood. Maybe with some upbeat music, your kids may even participate without complaining! We said maybe. 

After you are done with the clothes, make a list of what the kids need for the first few months of the school year. This will help you do the keep, donate, toss exercise with everything else lying around.

Bonus: if you’re looking to make some cash and your “donate” items are in great condition, consider listing online! Facebook Marketplace and Nextdoor make listing your goods easy. Keep it extra organized and give yourself a deadline to sell the items. If the stuff doesn’t sell by the predetermined date, donate it! 

Deep Cleaning Tips: Toys and Games

How do you clean toys? Tediously, unfortunately. For younger children, it is important to clean those toys every so often. The amount of germs and dirt babies and toddlers encounter being so close to the ground is huge! Use a disinfecting spray to speed up the process, or wipe the toys down by hand. Lots of plastic toys that aren’t battery operated can be dishwasher safe on the top shelf, so consider that for efficiency.

Once they’re clean, where do all the toys go? Baskets, bins, and cabinets will help you and the kids keep everything organized. The keep, donate and toss system should be applied here too: filter through toys and determine what’s overused, broken, and still loved. Involve your (older) kids in the process—pair like items together, and show them each item’s new home. Hopefully showing them how it’s done empowers them to own their space and help keep it clean. 

For mementos, keep those items in the closet and out of easy reach, if necessary. Check out our post on organizing for more closet inspiration

Cleaning Supplies to the Rescue: Deep Cleaning Tips

Did you know that young children are messy? Of course, you do; that’s just a little humor to get you through this article about all the cleaning you’re about to do! 

In addition to cleaning the items they play with, you’ll likely want to clean their spaces as well. A bucket of warm, soapy water goes a long way on walls, doors, knobs, and baseboards. If that doesn’t work, a magic eraser sure will. Vacuum under the furniture, remove any carpet or rug stains (soap, water, and hydrogen peroxide is a great stain remover, and the cleaner Folex). 

Once everything is clean if you have time and energy to go the extra mile, bust out the touch-up paint for those inevitable, can’t-remove marks on the wall.  

Reading Nook and Desk Cleaning Tips

Encourage play in your young child’s room! Not only does this reduce messes in your common area, but it might buy you a few quiet minutes. 

Reset a corner in their room with a dedicated space where they’ll enjoy reading and playing. Note that comfort is key! Add pillows and fun soft toys; they will be intrigued and likely spend time exploring in their little corner. 

Parents, this isn’t just for little kids, teens will love it too! Now that our children are heading back to school, they likely don’t need as much stuff in and around their desks. You and your child should first take everything off and give the desk a good sanitizing. As you “play” keep, donate, toss with desk items and school supplies, put things back in a way that anticipates space for new books and supplies they’ll get in their new grade. If you need more space, add a shelf, hooks, and/or bulletin boards for an extra functional touch.


While you may not look forward to the time it takes to deep clean the kids’ rooms, a clean and freshly organized space will encourage concentration and creativity. Start with our deep cleaning tips: 

  1. Turn on your favorite playlist and start sorting clothes. Keep the “keep” “donate” and “toss” system in mind while you work.

  2. Next up are the toys. You may have quite a large donation pile at the end! Organize the keepers in bins and crates and show the kids. 

  3. Time to clean. Work top to bottom, cleaning the window treatments all the way down to carpet and upholstery stains. 

  4. Make a reading nook or freshen the desk area. Your kids will love their own dedicated spot to work and play! 

Which of these deep cleaning tips work best for your family? Did we miss any great ideas? 

Share with us in the comments below!



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