Doug Delaney Charter One RealtyAfter 23 years of serving Beaufort and Jasper County as a tax and financial planning attorney, Doug Delaney embarked on a new journey as a licensed REALTOR® with Charter One Realty. He continues his passion for assisting clients by making family dreams come true and sound real estate investments.

Doug brings his clients the benefit of his years of legal experience, financial savvy, and local knowledge. He is well-known for his caring, compassion, and responsiveness, as well as his expertise and fierce loyalty to his clients. After years of raising his family in the Beaufort County school system, he has intimate knowledge of this community, its schools, and gated communities.

Charter One Realty: When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in real estate?

Doug Delaney: In the 1990s, I used to handle real estate appeals. Nothing makes you really get to know the details of your land as having to argue valuation to an often unsympathetic crowd. Real estate was as fun then as it is now. I really enjoy negotiating great deals for my clients and guiding them through the closing.  Client satisfaction is the best reward.


Charter One Realty: Tell us about your start in the business. How did your first year go?

Doug Delaney: It went great! I teamed up with a talented Coligny Beach Market Team and haven’t looked back. Real estate just fits me and I am thrilled to be with such a supportive agency as Charter One Realty.

I am also happy about the response to my YouTube Channel ‘Living on Hilton Head Island.” The secret is out about the Lowcountry and I thank the buyers and sellers that I have gotten to meet. It is so nice to live in this paradise where people come from all over.


Charter One Realty: What's kept you in the business after your initial success?

Doug Delaney: Well, it's about relationships. I have been in the personal service industry for over 25 years and most of my business comes from referrals.  These are the people who know me. I see them in the grocery store and about town. They trust me by referring friends and family. It is hard not to be motivated every day to do your very best when you have such support.


Charter One Realty: What's one common mistake that you see prospective buyers make?

Doug Delaney: During this red-hot market, successful buyers are armed with cash or a written prequalification letter from a lender as well as a strong sense for what they are looking for in a home and neighborhood. There are major demographic changes afoot and local inventory is flying off the shelf. Sometimes you don’t get the opportunity to make another offer before it goes under contract. So, be ready to deal.

On the financing side, buyers should not forget to at least consider paying for points upfront. If you plan to own the house for more than 7 years, smart money will often pay for points. An active and forthright relationship with a knowledgeable lender can save you money.


Charter One Realty: How has technology changed the industry, and what does it mean for buyers?

Doug Delaney: It has really helped buyers gain an understanding of the property, its history, and comparables in an easy-to-use format. Sure, Zillow and other real estate search engines come with inaccuracies as well as significant information delays, but they are great too to start the process. A good agent can avail buyers the opportunity to access the Listing Delay status and often get the “inside baseball” up to two weeks early on Zillow.   


Charter One Realty: If you weren't working in real estate, is there anything else you could see yourself doing?

Doug Delaney: Investing in real estate on a fishing boat with tight lines next to my awesome wife, Libby. Yeah, that sounds good to me! 


Charter One Realty: What advice do you have for buyers looking in the Lowcountry?

Doug Delaney: Get familiar with the neighborhoods and their homeowner associations. We have many developments here and they all look and drive differently. This is why I created the YouTube Channel to give that weekend drive feel through the neighborhoods of our great community. Think of what it is that you are looking for in a neighborhood, and how much you are willing to pay for it.  


Charter One Realty: How has your team partnership given you an edge in the market?

Doug Delaney: The Coligny Beach Market Team has over a century of shared real estate experience. One example I can think of as an edge would be in the beach property market. There are many beachfront homes and investment properties to choose from and our Team really has a handle on it.


Charter One Realty: Can you talk about how your personalities complement each other?

Doug Delaney: We are a group of true professionals that love what they do. We all care about doing the right thing. We really feed off each other's energy and help each other like a big family. 


Charter One Realty: Where are you originally from, and how did you come to live in the Lowcountry?

Doug Delaney: As a 9-year-old from Columbia, I was so excited to get Hubert Green’s signature when he won the Sea Pines Heritage Classic in 1976. Whether during my moves north to Ohio or Chicago, or through USC law school, I would come to enjoy the beach with friends on Hilton Head. I returned for good in 1996 before Highway 278 met I95 at Exit 8.   Hard to believe how fast time goes when you are having fun.


Charter One Realty: Please tell us about your neighborhood and why it is so special to you.

Doug Delaney: Kids grow up quickly in a big family like ours but we are lucky to still have two kids at home attending May River High School and Bluffton Middle. These are great schools and our friendly neighborhood, Island West, is a beautiful place to live. 


Charter One Realty: Can you tell us why your community is so special to you?

Doug Delaney: Bluffton and Hilton Head are incredible spots for wildlife. The mature tree foliage in this watershed makes it such a lush, serene place. We regularly see bald eagles, deer, turkey, fox, and owl. We have also seen bluebirds and painted buntings. The waterways are plentiful and healthy. The dolphin here exhibit feeding traits unseen in other parts of the world.  I have seen a huge manta ray leaping out of the water. I could go on for hours on all of the incredible sights this place has to offer. This is a truly wondrous place to live and experience. 


Charter One Realty: How would you describe the vibe in the Lowcountry?

Doug Delaney: Most people here are from somewhere else making us a very diverse crowd! We are truly blessed to live in such a safe, caring community.  It may have something to do with the tides or the oysters that draw folks here but they fall in love and call it home. It just gets into your bones.


Charter One Realty: How have you seen the Lowcountry change - from both a personal and professional perspective?

Doug Delaney: Growing and become an even larger melting pot as we see people coming from all over the world. I am proud of our land development in the Low Country as I have seen our community grow in a responsible way. 


Charter One Realty: What are some of your favorite aspects of life in the Lowcountry?

Doug Delaney: Education, healthcare, and safety. I am very happy that our community offers such a high level of quality in these areas.  


Charter One Realty: Do you have a personal motto or mantra that guides you?

Doug Delaney: Deo Gratias. Thank God.


Charter One Realty: Please complete the sentence: Home wouldn't be a home without..."

Doug Delaney: My sweet family, including Pip and Stella, of course!

Doug Delaney Family 

Doug Delaney Pets


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