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Welcome to first edition of Hilton Head & Bluggton real estate round up for the months of August-Sept, 2013. Find up to date news stories, market trends, and more. Be sure to check back every month for the latest Hilton Head & Bluffton real estate news. Brought to you by the real estate experts at Charter One Realty.

Recent Law Changes Surrounding Real Estate, Bluffton Today

2013 brought about a few important new real estate laws. Below are the most notable :

Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

Homeowners will have a good incentive to invest in green upgrades to their home. Any out of pocket expenses such as buying and installing energy efficient appliances, windows, doors, insulation and solar panels can result in a 10 percent tax credit, up to $500

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With its relaxed vibe, beautifully lush, natural surroundings and numerous other qualities, Hilton Head real estate is great whether you're planning on purchasing a permanent home or just want to take a fulfilling vacation.  If you're planning a getaway, the beachfront Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa may be one of the best spots to stay in.

On top of a great beachfront location, the Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa has a number of features that will complement your stay including a trio of golf courses, a whopping fourteen tennis courts, swimming pools plus numerous activities like sailing and horseback rising nearby.  The Westin Kids Club is also great if you have little ones and wish to keep them stimulated and entertained.

If you'd

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Port Royal Plantation 2012 Beach Renourishment

Port Royal Plantation Before Beach RenourishmentPort Royal Plantation Beach After Renourishment





Walking the beach along Port Royal Plantation these days is kind of a surreal experience. 1,000,000, yes 1 MILLION, cubic yards of new sand has been placed upon an approximately one mile stretch of beach from the Westin to the Port Royal Beach Club! This past weekend while biking along the shore as the tide was going out, I was amazed to see the vast difference in the beach. Just past the Beach Club there is a 700' boulder 'groin' being completed. This rock wall is low crested and will be mostly buried when completed. As you look from the new shoreline back to the Oceanfront Homes in Port Royal Plantation, you'll feel like you are about half way to Spain, plus the height of the new

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Shipyard | Welcome Center

Less than a mile from the gate of the more famous Sea Pines Plantation, is Shipyard Plantation.  Traditionally known for the Crowne Plaza, the Van DerMeer Tennis Academy, and the Shipyard Golf Club, it is Hilton Head Heath has recently that has put the national spotlight on Shipyard.  Featured on A&E'sgroundbreaking show, HEAVY, Hilton Head Health. 

But Shipyard more than its amenities. It also is place that offers more than its share of real estate opportunities.  Between its homes, viilas, and lots there are 83 active listings, starting at $134,000 and topping out at just under $700,000.  (Over the last 12 months there have been 61 closings).

Karl Sneed | Hilton Head Island Real Estate AgentWhat are some of the things that make Shipyard special? "I built my home in Shipyard 7 years ago and

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You're likely aware of how important it is to request a home inspection when buying any type of Bluffton real estate.  Although you don't need to purchase a home inspection, the price you pay upfront may become a moot point in the long run when you end saving thousands of dollars thanks to the careful eye of an inspector.

Speaking of which, Bluffton real estate home inspectors are trained to spot problems but since no one is perfect even they might overlook a few things. For example, leaky roofs are the number one overlooked items during a home inspection.  The reasoning behind this is simple: inspectors don't generally climb onto the roof to check for leakage, all observations are done from the ground level using binoculars or by looking out from a

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Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is a paradisiacal resort town with an ambiance heavily skewed towards nature and the many scenic surroundings.  A longtime vacation favorite, the rich history of the island and its “eco-friendly” development make it one of the more popular places to call home in the two Carolinas.

At Charter One Realty, we've spent over a decade introducing people to Hilton Head Island real estate as well as the many homes, condos, villas and lots available within the resort town and in the neighboring town of Bluffton.  We have more than five offices in the South Carolina Lowcountry comprised of experts with vast knowledge of local communities and many years of experience assisting buyers and sellers.

Take some time to explore our

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